Monday, September 20, 2021

Another army general succumbs to CovED-19


is here again. I hope I find you well and free from CovED-19 yadai kunetsa. I
hear a lot of people whispering into Mapombi’s ears hanzi heee CovED-19 has
gone silent these days it’s no longer killing kumusoro uko kkkkk. Please dear
readers let us not wish death on our fellow Comrades. I know they have wronged
us in many ways but to wish them death I think it is preposterous. The only way
we can deal with ED and his team is to vote them out of power in 2023. But
again we have a big problem on the alternative. 

I want you to ask yourselves a
very serious question and be honest with yourselves, Do we have an alternative
in Zim politics? I mean look at Chamisa, Mwonzora, Mteki, Dzinemunhenzva and 23
other opposition parties. We have a ruling party which is being challenged by
over 20 opposition parties. I do not know about you dear readers but I think we
should let Zanu PF reign until we have a better alternative. We had hopes on
Chamisa but now he no longer has a party.

hardline supporters believe that MDC Alliance is for Chamisa but the truth is
that Mwonzora mukoma Dhagirasi waenda nechitanda. Mwonzora is in charge ladies
and gentlemen make no mistake about it. It does not matter whether you think he
is a Zanu PF puppet or not. Mwonzora has outwitted Chamisa and the young man
still has a hangover and is still trying to come to terms with his new reality.
I know some Nerorists will say Mapombi is crazy but that is the reality you are
facing machinja. 

Muri machinja api chaiwo and aani. Look at Bhasikiti. Yes, I
mean Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, the man of no fixed political abode. He left Chamisa
saying the party he claims to lead now belongs to Mwonzora. Form another party
before it is late my brother Nerison Chamisa. MDC Alliance is gone and by
continuing to cling onto the name, you are doing a major disservice to you and
your supporters.

What’s in
the name MDC anyway that you fight teeth and nail to defend when it is apparent
that you have lost it. And another thing, please stop saying a person who
differs with your opinion is a Zanu PF agent. Sometimes you think you are doing
a service to yourself when in actual fact you are actually giving Zanu PF
unnecessary credence. Zanu PF is only as powerful as you imagine it to be. 

Biti, Sikhala and Ncube should tell us how much of Zanu PF’s money they spend
when they differed with Morgan Tsvangison. When these fellas broke ranks and
formed their own parties, they were labelled Zanu PF and now that they are back
everyone chooses to bury their heads and ignore those allegations. Please spare
us the crap ok. This is not Mapombi’s story for today but ndangoti rega
ndidarike nepo. I hope tanzwana machinja kkkkk. I can tell pane ragumbuka now.
Munosvasvangwa nenhamo rambai muchidaro.

I heard
our Town Clerk engineer Mukaratirwa finally grew some footballs and had to
write a suspension letter to his former boss Masvingo city engineer Tawanda
Gozo. Yes, Mukaratirwa was once Gozo’s deputy in the engineering department
before he was elevated to town clerk on acting basis. Sources said Mukaratirwa
was the one doing all the donkey work while Gozo was just seating in the office
and enjoying some air conditioner. 

Gozo was one smart engineer who did not want
to get his hands dirty. I doubt if the man even wore a work suit. It does not
matter now because then man was slapped with a six months suspension without
pay while the council investigates his competency to hold office. If all
incompetent people would be suspended I am sure someone would not be talking
about vision 2030 now kkkk. That man is so incompetent and I wonder why we are
still cheering him on. He should also be suspended and have his competency

The councillor Maboke led council has teeth. They have done
something which the Chakabudas and Fidzes failed to do. To those who do not
know Maboke, he is the mayor of Masvingo. His council has failed in everything
else pertaining service delivery but has successfully suspended the man whom
they say was sleeping on duty. Whether that’s true or false we have to discuss
on another day. But as far as I am concerned the same problems which led to the
dismissal of Gozo are still with us. No water, refuse remain uncollected, roads
keep deteriorating and I wonder who is sleeping on the job now.

I have
a question and I would like to gets some answers. Why is CovED-19 only
targeting the Zanu PF military faction? Mafire arikuita machinda aya ekuita
coup Mapombi would swear something is wrong chete. Maybe CovED-19 has a score
to settle with these military man. I hear some saying the latest death of Rtd
Lt Gen Douglas Nyikayaramba is just the beginning. Mapombi will not review her
sources but from what I hear hanzi the number should be 8 and we are just at
number five. CovED-19 has come to harvest these guys kkkk. 

So if you are a
military man and had something to do with that coup and pose a threat to Dambu,
be warned. CovED-19 is coming for you all. I however strongly feel that
CovED-19 is missing its target. I do not know who should be the target but all
I know is that pane kakupotsa karikuitika and I am sure Zimbos out there
agree.  Chiwenga achasara asina akana
munhu one on his side if CovED keeps on harvesting the army guys like this.
Sanyatwe be safe kuTanzania uko, boss Rugejo I hope makahwanda kufarm because
CovED is out for guys like you? The situation in our country has reached
another level.

I am
not saying there is a conspiracy theory here. All I am saying is that CovED-19
is not being fair. Why is it targeting only members of one faction? We want a
balance kuti ikatora uku yotorawo uku not zvairi kuita izvi. We want the
military faction to remain strong so that ED will be kept on his feet. SB Moyo
was occupying one of the most powerful and strategic cabinet positions. Some
said the army wanted the post so that they could herd ED but when SB Moyo
succumbed to CovED-19, our dearly beloved President replaced him with some guy
whom many people are calling a thief. 

Shava is said to be implicated in the
Willowgate scandal but Mapombi would not want to talk about things she does not
know. What I know is that Shava is from Midlands and ED is consolidating his
power. He is now more powerful and CovED-19 is doing all the work for him by
getting rid of his political nemesis. General Chiwenga I hope you are seeing
what is happening to your comrades and I hope you have a contingency plan. I
have said enough regai zvangu ndinokanga maputi angu for lunch. But before I go
I want to say nematambudziko to the Makwarimba family on the passing on of Clemence
Makwarimba. To those who did not know Clemence Makwarimba, he is the one who
once remarked that God send ED to fight CovED-19 and about a year later he
succumbs to the virus. Why didn’t ED protect Makwarimba from the virus? Kudenga
kuna Mwari. Mboko imboko.



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