Friday, September 17, 2021

Battle for Masvingo

Masvingo Zanu PF godfather Josaya Hungwe (right) listens to Chief Fortune Charumbira at the RCU graduation ceremony last Friday

Upenyu Chaota

The two Zanu PF factions are in nasty battle to control Masvingo provincial leadership, with Minister of Pyschomotor Josaya Hungwe, who is believed to be Team Lacoste provincial god-father, openly bragging that they outwitted their rival faction Generation 40 (G40) in reference to recent provincial elections that were abandoned in a huff with Ezra Chadzamira leading the race ahead of Mutero Masanganise.
Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere however, made a dramatic move by refusing to endorse Chadzamira as the ultimate winner and called for re-run, the decision which angered Team Lacoste in masvingo and they are preparing for a head-on.
Hungwe remained admant saying the G40 faction was surviving on borrowed time and will soon crumble.
“Takavaudza kuti kuMasvingo kune nyaya. This is the home of politics and I am sure if you take a look at the results, you will see what I am talking about. Masvingo has spoken and Chadzamira has retained the chairmanship as we have always anticipated,” Saudi  Hungwe.
He also labelled the G40 rivals as outsiders, saying Chadzamira should fear not as the people had rallied behind him.
“To Chadzamira I say do not hold back because the people have spoken. They have overwhelmingly rallied behind you. Others have survived this time but time will come and they will be send packing.
 “We have always been united and the election results speak volumes of that unity. We will not be deterred by outsiders who come to cause unnecessary confusion,” said Hungwe.
Masanganise, however, dismissed the results as a nullity and has pointed to what he says are several incidences of people who failed to cast their votes for one reason or the other.
His claims seem to have found resonance with the party’s national leadership, which said many districts had not voted in the election, making it necessary for the election results to be scrapped pending a politburo decision on the way forward.politics, topnews

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