Saturday, September 18, 2021

Be warned, VP Chiwenga is not bleaching

Kkkkkkk so our VP Chiwenga does not bleach at all? I heard his ever lightening skin is as a result of the disease he suffers since Operation Restore Legacy last year. Mapombi will call this disease which is afflicting our good VP ‘Chimugabe’ because I am sure it is as a result of the operation which led to ouster of former president, Uncle Bob.
It is unfortunate that the disease is either contagious or sexually-transmitted because our short-tempered-like VP revealed that his wife Mary also suffers the same ‘Chimugabe’ disease which result in her skin lightening as well.  Hopefully, our good VP and wife will not be makaradhi.
On a more serious not heads must roll; the people who write speeches for VP Chiwenga must be fired – how can he or she chooses words that are too difficult for the VP to pronounce?  Exercaba-a-at…exerca-a-a-a…kkkkk God forbid!
Anyway, chakaona hama hachisekwi Mapombi would like to wish our good VP Chiwenga a quick recovery from this ‘Chimugabe’ disease which lightens his skin to an extent yekuti people think he bleaches. Ndikunzwei futi muchiti VP vanoita bleach skin; vari kurwara.
Let me confess something guys – rwendo runo ED ari patight. Mapombi can safely tell you that our President may lose general elections if they are to be free and fair. It might be too early to suggest that but developments in Zanu PF at the moment are too revealing.
To start with, the manifesto was not inspiring at all. ZimAsset was far much better if I am to be blunt. Iyi yana ED ndakaishaya kuti iri kuda kumborevei manifesto yacho – the majority of issues are questionable and doubtful if they will even attempt to fulfill some of the promises. They promised 1,5million houses for the next five years. Kkkkkk that means they will build at least over 820 houses a day kkkkk kutiita zvituta chaizvo kutinyepera zviri pachena kudai.
They also want to be elected back in power so that they can review down tollgate fees kkkkkk vanhu ava so – they are already in power but they cannot instruct Zinara to reduce tollgate fees hanzi tangai matipa five year mandate kkkkkkk they are just clueless.  If they can wait for election to do a simple thing like reducing tollgate fees what about building over 800 houses a day? They will need another term in 2023 to do that.
Believe it or not, Zanu PF was much better with the scattyered G40 guys. Varume vaya vaitoziva zvavaiita than Lacoste iyi. Rugeje even failed to run primary elections, and Mapombi is hearing that there are allegations that he demanded bribe from Keith Guzha kkkkkk apa Mutsvangwa described him as a political novice.
Zanu PF is heading for disaster; serious disaster. There only way out is to rig this forthcoming election. Feya feya ED achadyiwa worse than zvaaitiwa naBlessing Chebundo kuKwekwe uko. Mr President lacks charisma and his speeches are boring – anorarisa chaiko.
How can a whole President promise to reduce tollgate fees if he is voted for another term? Kkkkk ko ingodzisaika handiti ndimi mune power here. Mapombi liked uncle Bob on one thing; his policies were populist in nature but zvaitoitiwa. Vanhu vakabvisirwa zvikwereti zvemvura maMucheke stadium umu vana Mapombi takatarisa manje izvi zvana ED zvekuda kumirira kupinda kuti vadzikise tollgate fees hahahaha. Zvimwe muchiti munotamba vakomana.
Mapombi can tell you that Nelson Chamisa will trounce Zanu PF if everything is done freely and fairly, which I doubt though because junta rakatosvinurira maziso. People will vote for Cghamisa, not because they like him but because they don’t like ED. We are likely going to witness more protest votes and the biggest beneficiary will be Nelson Chamisa and his Alliance guys.
Zanu PF has showed us that they can resort to force and manipulation – we have seen the way they have treated nurses and what they want to do to our teachers. It’s there for everyone to see and very few can trust them to rule this country for another five years. Very few. The best they can do is to rig the election otherwise feya feya havapindi. Namai kudai ndotokupikirai.
Anyway, it’s almost lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch. But before I go I heard Saviour kasukuwere is coming back to lead NPF. Yah apa vazowana simbi yebasa manje, I like Kasukuwere because he is kind of a thug and he can bulldoze pazvinenge zvakaoma. He is totally different from Rugeje. May someone please tell Professor Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao to shut their mouth? We do not want to hear any word from them. Whether Kasukuwere is being used by Zanu PF or not let him come and lead NPF – what we want is someone who is aggressive, who can divide Zanu PF’s vote. Kkkkkkk I also heard that Mphoko will be vice president ikoko hahahaha. Mboko imboko!


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