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Biti, Sikhala saves MDC Masvingo executive from dissolution

Sikhala and Biti in at the Tsavingirai Memorial lecture in Masvingo on Feb 14, 2020

…as Chamisa settles for suspension
Upenyu Chaota
vice president Tendai Biti and national deputy chairperson Job Sikhala last
Sunday came to the rescue of the under fire MDC Masvingo provincial executive
which party president Nelson  Chamisa had
moved out to dissolve but had to only be suspended after Biti and Sikhala’s
has proven right sentiments by former MDC secretary general Douglas Mwonzora
who lambasted the MDC Masvingo provincial executive when it was elected last
year at the chaotic provincial congress saying they were incompetent and the
party, in the province, was doomed.
James Gumbi led executive retained the province at the last year’s controversial
provincial congress presided over by Chamisa but has failed to pass the test of
time with the party becoming dormant in the province under their watch.
told the MDC provincial assembly last Sunday that the province has failed and
showed gross incompetence which has resulted in chaos in the province with some
districts being presided over by parallel structures.
has a big problem. We have a dysfunctional provincial executive which has
failed the people and the party.
is my duty to dissolve this province because they have shown gross incompetence
and insubordination,” said Chamisa.
and Sikhala told Chamisa that it was prudent for the matter to be discussed at
the national council arguing that dissolving the province was rather too harsh
before ascertaining all the facts.
gave each provincial executive member the floor to speak for themselves but the
majority agreed to be dissolved saying they have failed but Chamisa went on to
suspend them indefinitely pending finalization of their charges by the national
was conspicuous by his absence from the provincial assembly meeting and he took
a lot of punches in absentia.
is Gumbi? Why is he not here? Who did he tell? That is clear insubordination.
This meeting was called for by the party’s leadership and Gumbi decides not to
show up without giving a reason. 
will not tolerate indiscipline in the party. The party has protocol and
hierarchy. If you hold a position you serve at the pleasure of the people. But
if you see that you can no longer deliver as per the will of the people that is
your end,” said Chamisa.
Masvingo provincial organizer Elton Ziki tried to throw Gumbi under the bus
saying Chamisa must not paint them with the same brush arguing that it was
Gumbi who had a problem and he should be the only one to take the fall.
should not paint everyone with the same brush. Some of us are just caught up in
between when the real problem is with Gumbi.
is a highly temperamental character and he does not take onboard other people’s
opinions. He gets angry easily and imposes his will on the province,” argued
fired back at Ziki telling him that Gumbi alone would not have destroyed the
province but it was a collective effort by all provincial members.
problem is not Gumbi. You have all failed. Do not try to defend yourself. You
fail as a team. The province has no capacity to work together. Objectively
speaking this province has failed.
told you to deal with the mayor Maboke issue but you did not listen. The party
has become dormant under your watch. We will not have this. There are serious
factions in the province and there are a lot of parallel structures in most
districts and the province is the problem so we are suspending it.
independent team will be put in place to deal with all the problems in the
province,” said Chamisa.
could not be drawn into comment as his mobile went unanswered.

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