Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Bright future for irrigation farmers as water levels rise

By Lloyd Shunje

The Mutirikwi Dam water level has doubled as compared to the same period last year thus forecasting a bright winter cropping season for irrigation farmers in and around Masvingo Province.
Figures released by the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) show that the water level in Mutirikwi Lake stands at 41.24%, while at the same time last year the level was 8.34%, a move that promises a great future to irrigation farmers.
Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) Provincial Manager, Jeremiah Chimwanda, told Tell Zimbabwe that irrigation farmers who use Lake Mutirikwi will benefit from the improved water level, especially sugarcane growers from Triangle and Hippo Valley.
“Enough water  supplies to our farmers will ensure that they produce quality products at the end of the season,” said Chimwanda.
“Mostly sugarcane growers like Hippo Valley and Triangle Estates are the main beneficiaries of Mutirikwi irrigation scheme and they stand a chance to produce quality products since they won’t have water shortages,” he said.

A man was captured harvesting sugarcane in Chiredzi

Owing to the heavy rains that the country has been receiving for the past three months water levels in most dams have increased. The average national dam level stands at 53.7%, with Lake Kariba recording 63.9%.local
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