Saturday, September 18, 2021

Cde Rugeje, welcome to the world of politics but. . .

New Year is fast approaching and, just like any other normal person, Mapombi is busy putting together in writing some resolutions, chief among them being my desire to relocate from Dr Grace Mugabe Trade Centre. By the way, is it still called Dr Gire’s market place? Recently, I saw some Zanu PF youth vandalising the Dr Grace Mugabe Trade Centre billboard. Whatever new name the place will have, my resolution will never change; next year I am relocating from this filthy place. Not simply because the place is dirty but I also no longer want to be associated with anything that has to do with Marujata.
So please help me to look for new accommodation come 2018 but maputi and rotten bananas handirege kudya chero zvodii. Unless Mnangagwa wenyu iyeye kana atipa mabasa probably that is when I will start to afford a decent meal but for now maputi nema bhanana akawora iwawo zvakatondikwanira hangu. But there is one thing that pains me a lot; people often laugh at me saying ndopenga but they do not know that I am in this situation because of kamudhara kekwaZvimba aka and his Zanu PF. I am educated enough to get a decent job after all. I could be an engineer or a marketer but Zanu PF and Mugabe destroyed this country and robbed me of my future.
Even Mnangagwa uyoyu handimuone mushe futi. It seems like he has a lot of confusion or the truth might be he is not fully in charge. Of course his speeches are impressing but we want action, real action on the ground. I don’t care about him creating a military-infested government, all I want is the economy to get better and jobs, jobs, jobs.
But Mapombi is not yet convinced by Mnangagwa; his blunders are becoming too much or is it deliberate? His disregard for the Unity Accord is worrisome to say the least. We all know that, under the pact, the position of national chairperson of Zanu PF has should be taken by former Zapu members who are mainly Ndebele-speaking people but iyi yekuisa Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri irikubva nekupi iyi? Mava kunyanya chiJunta varume ini hangu handivanze ndofira kureva. It’s now a Junta Republic kunongoitwa yese yese and ane power ndiye mukuru. It is imperative that Mnangagwa respects the Unity Accord and see to it that the former Zapu cadres are fully recognised just like zvaiitwa namudhara Bob. Of course, pakuzotiunzira Mphoko akabhaiza big time. Kkkkkkkkk Mphoko here akomana of all the people hahahaha no no no no Bob anga akura zveshuwa. Ko hanzi kuri seiko kwaZvimba? Or is it Singapore hahaha chisingapere chinoshura vakomana.
Mapombi want to tell Mnangagwa that Masvingo needs young blood not Hungwe as minister of State, please. There is nothing wrong in rewarding your comrades but doing that at the expense of Masvingo hatiwirirane Cde. Mahofa was far much better than this old man anopfeka masocks akabvaruka vakomana. He is not inspiring at all and the guy is stuck in the past. He is always talking about the good old days when he was the governor of Masvingo about two decades ago. May those close to Hungwe tell him kuti zvasiyana nakare people want real development in the province. At least he is no longer the most senior in the province after he was relegated to secretary of labour in the politburo. Province yava yaRugeje iyi.
By the way, let me welcome retired Lieutenant General Rugeje to the world of civilian politics. Welcome Cde! But there are few tips or should I say changes I want to quickly draw to your attention. First of all, politics is dirty and there are no cry-babies – warohwa arohwa. Zvekushandisa power reku army zviya zvapera munenge mafanana manje; you are now at the same level naJeppy Jaboon kkkkkk.
Secondly, you have decided to join active politics which means zvepfuti mombosiya. We know what you used to do in the past years and Mapombi remembers this year when former Masvingo West MP Tichaona Chiminya Mharadze akachiona pane imwe hotera na Rtd Lt. Gen Rugeje. Mapombi will not get into detail about that one but there has been a lot of stories alleging that the former army boss used to threaten the electorate to vote for Zanu PF. Now that you are Zanu PF commissar, handei tione. Welcome Cde Rugeje! Welcome Commissar!
It’s almost lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch. But I heard there is an investor interested in reviving Cold Storage Commission (CSC). I am very excited about the development – maybe soon I will stop zvekudya maputi izvi ndodyawo matumbu nemaguru from CSC. E-eh I heard kuti vaishandako mazuva acho vaipiwa matumbu nemaguru every week.
But before I go, Mapombi is really worried because I have not heard from Mphoko for quite some time. No one is even forthcoming to bring information about his whereabouts kana kungondiudzawo kuti arisei hake. I have been to Rainbow Towers thinking that akadzokera kuhotera but he is not there. I really miss you umdala wethu, you were a real comedian and some of your skills will never clear from my mind, for instance when you stormed the police camp and freed criminals. Also that presser attacking ED for causing alarm and despondence in the country kkkkkkkk. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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