Monday, September 20, 2021

Chadzamira warns Rutenga against supporting MDC

Chadzamira (right) with Zanu PF politburo member Josiah Hungwe (with scarf) and party supporters at a bakery owned by Omar (third from right) at Rutenga

civil servants who support opposition to leave jobs
Cephas Shava
Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs, Ezra Chadzamira last weekend
gave a chilling warning to residents of Rutenga growth point Ward 18, Mwenezi
East, that should they remain ‘defiantly’ in support of the MDC, food aid from government
will be withdrawn from them.
made the remarks on August 24 when he addressed Zanu PF supporters who gathered
at Rutenga, the heartland of the opposition party supporters in the district, for
the victory celebrations hosted by Mwenezi East legislator Joosbi Omar.
18 is the only one won by the opposition party in the whole district during the
2018 harmonised elections. Mwenezi district has a total of 18 wards.
said food aid was a privilege bestowed by Zanu PF and could be withdrawn from
‘non-Zanu PF supporters’ at any given time.
said the opposition supporters will for now be given a reprieve which will
however not be maintained if they continued to exhibit ‘deviant’ behaviour.
should get food aid because there is hunger all over. I heard that here in
Rutenga social welfare is not being distributed but I have instructed the DA it
must be distributed here as well. As time goes on, we will not continue feeding
other people’s children….as we move forward, each one will be fed by his own
who follow Chamisa will be fed by him, so it’s wise for those who are following
him to start retreating while there is still some time because the government which
gives food belongs to Zanu PF, a party which formed it,” said Chadzamira to a
loud applause from the gathering.
also declared that all civil servants belonged to Zanu PF and anyone who dared
to act to the contrary will face the consequences.
civil servants who have been introduced here (DA Rosemary Chingwe, some nurses
and police officers as well as heads of government departments) belong to Zanu
PF because they are working for a Zanu PF government. Those who want to work
for MDC while they are still in government will get their job when the MDC party
don’t know when will be that be but maybe it’s the time when donkeys grow
horns. All people working in government are Zanu PF and those who do not want
should leave their jobs,” said Chadzamira.
was Zanu PF’s first ever defeat here since the formation of the opposition
the 2018 elections, Zanu PF had never lost any ward to the opposition.

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