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Chamisa’s Agenda 2021 inspiring but…


Dear readers
I hope I find you all well and in good health. Mapombi is happy to be with you
again and I want to assure the nation that the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine
donated form China is safe. It is very safe that our beloved President ED
Mnangagwa would not dare take it until the majority of Zimbabweans get jabbed
first. Munozoda leader akadii kkk. A leader who sacrifices himself and puts his
name to the end of the list all because the vaccine haikwani. I salute you Cde
President keep up the good work. I hope Zimbabweans will vote for this man
again come 2023. Machinja muriko here uko kkkk. Nero chakabaiwa here vaccine

I have
a word of advice to my avid readers who sometimes feel disappointed when
Mapombi strikes a neutral key in her writing. That problem mainly resides in
the MDC supporters. Let me tell you something imi machinja. Mapombi does not
support any political party. Mapombi is very patriotic and supports the
Zimbabwean constitution. Anyone who thinks of urinating on our sacred document
will automatically put themselves on a collision course with me. Handinei naChamisa
or ED. Zanu PF or MDC Alliance are all the same before my eyes. I am more concerned
with issues rather than personalities. Zvenyu zvekuti Chamisa Chete Chete that
is madness. Why Chamisa Chete Chete? Ko vana Biti and Sikhala vodii kkkk. I can
sense some people are getting angry but ungandidii. Mapombi anobata bata
maparts kuti nyika inake.

problem we have as a country is that we are extreme in all we do. You find that
if someone supports Zanu PF, they do so to extremes that they stop using their
brains. The same applies kuMDC. These two spend the majority of their time
fighting each other and at the end a lot of issues are ignored. It is very rare
to see neutral and sober people like Mapombi. The majority cheer madness on
just because it has been done by Mnangagwa or Chamisa. The country will start moving
forward once our people start using their brains to address and tackle issues
and not use blind loyalty. If Zanu PF and ED does something good, why can’t
Chamisa and his people praise the good deeds and the same cycle must happen
when Chamisa does something good. Mapombi thinks that ED and his government
have done very well in combating the Covid-19 pandemic under the circumstances.
We have managed to contain the virus though our people suffered a lot. The bigger
picture was to save lives even for those in opposition. Despite these efforts,
people in MDC vanoshora big time kkkk. Hanzi ED is clueless on how to deal with
Covid-19. I mean what do you want imi vanhu. The vaccine is here but hamudi
kubaiwa saka munodei chaiko.

I am
happy that this guy Hopewell Chimukonyo has seen the light. He was one of the
biggest critics of the vaccination programme saying it was a ploy by Zanu PF
and the Chinese to kill Zimbabweans but the man has since toned down and seen
the light. I do not know what could have informed the change of heart and mind
but what matters is that he has since taken his jab and believes that
vaccination is the only way to save lives. Besides Zanu PF musaidherera
vakomana. You cannot fight Zanu PF out rightly because you will need them at
some point. Zanu PF is not just a party but it is a system. Kwese kwawaenda
unongowana Zanu iriko which is why a lot of people are fighting to join the
system because removing it has failed one too many times. Chamisa is trying yes
but he has to up the game. Zanu PF does not live by anyone’s rules but they
make their own and make you live by them. Cde Chebundo and Cde Timveous muriko
here uko kkkk. Agenda 2021 makainzwa here varume. I think Nero made a lot of
sense but there is one area which I differ with the young man.

I agree
with Nero that we have suffered a lot as a people and something has to be done.
I agree with Nero that the problems we face a country are because of maladministration.
Where I fail to agree with Nero is when he talks of Zanu PF trying to create a
one party state by destroying MDC Alliance. Ipapo hoo Nero, Mapombi azviramba. Remember
I once told you that sometimes you overrate the powers of Zanu PF. I once said
here that Zanu PF is only powerful as you imagine it to be. You are admitting
to the public that Zanu PF has the power to destroy you and form their own
opposition. That is real bad chikomana Nero. I don’t know who advised you to
say that because if you paint a picture of an all-powerful Zanu PF then we may
be compelled to believe it. You are unconsciously telling us that Zanu PF is
very powerful and cannot be defeated hence we will say why bother torega hedu
kuvhota isu vana Mapombi pombildo pombela.

While I
agree with Chamisa that electoral reforms are necessary, it just can’t with
Zanu PF. Ndiyo iya yataiita kumaths kuti it can’t kkkk. We have been singing
about these reforms kubva Save vachipo but hapana chakabuda imiwoye. Zanu PF
will never reform itself out of power and the sooner we realize that the better.
It is time for other strategies of winning the elections without the electoral reforms
in place. If you doubt that elections will never be won without reforms in
place then we are playing hedu. Plus Chamisa has a problem of treating Zanu PF
with kid gloves, kutamba chiramu neZanu PF. Chamisa tried to put the fight to
the people but I must tell you Nero that isu vana Mapombi we need a leader. We will
never stand up pasina leader. Lead us Nero lead us. Izvi zveugwara zvako
zvekuda kutitungamidza mberi ndezvekupenga kkkk iwe enda isu tinotevera. You talk
of confronting Zanu PF through peaceful means, really. How do you do that?

I said
earlier that Zanu PF does not play by your rules, they set the rules and you
play by them. Zanu PF and peace are two parallels. My brother Nero I think I can
school you a thing or two about Zanu PF because it seems you don’t quite
understand yet who you are dealing with. This language of peace does not move
Zanu PF an inch. As long as peaceful confrontation muchiitira mudzimba dzenyu Zanu
PF haina kana basa nemi. The moment you get into the streets I promise you
munorohwa nezveusiku kkkkk. Since when has a confrontation been peaceful? I have
said enough regai zvangu ndinokanga maputi angu for lunch but before I go, I just
want to tell vakuru veguta reMasvingo that you are taking residents for
granted. What justification do you have to increase rates by 500 percent? The bottom
line is that there is no justification whatsoever and even if you try and put
lipstick on a frog it remains a frog. Hameno kana tiri tese apa dear readers. The
fish rots from the head and they told us Gozo was the problem but he is gone
and what has changed? Mboko imboko.  

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