Thursday, November 30, 2023

Charumbira people, Dinson Limestone Mine strike deal

Beverly Bizeki

People from Charumbira area in Masvingo have struck a deal with Dinson Iron and Steel Company (DISCO) which allows the mining syndicate to extract limestone in the area and the villagers will in turn benefit from community share ownership as well as employment
Disco mine representatives visited Charumbira area with their emissary Chief Musarurwa to meet Chief Charumbira and his people over the deal.
The delegation which had Chief Musarurwa born Enos Musakwa from Chivhu, Disco project manager Wilfred Motsi and Disco public relations Manager Joseph Shoko met the Charumbiras in ward 12 in Manyama area.
Speaking at the event, Chief Charumbira born Fortune Charumbira said he had asked the mine representatives to come and meet his people so that they agree on how they were going to benefit from the mine.
“When I talked to these people (Dinson company) I asked them what they had in store for the Charumbira people and they said they had not thought about it so we are going to discuss with them on development projects they will do for the community,” said Charumbira.
Charumbira said there was need for an agreement with the company on development issues including taking employees from their community so that they benefit as well and also to take villagers to Chivhu on a look and learn tour of their other mine.
“You must provide three buses to ferry representatives from every village so they can witness for themselves what is being done in Chivhu. After agreeing on the areas where you will mine you will have to agree with us on taking a certain percentage from this area so that people can also get employment in the company.
“Those who will have their homes affected will also have to be given priority when people have agreed to avoid reoccurrence of the Chingwizi incident. If it goes well with the people’s consent we can even give them land in other areas and I want people to be able to invite me in the future to where they would have been relocated to.,” said Charumbira.
Chief Musarurwa said the project was meant to bring development if done in the right way.
“If the project is done in the right way then positive change will come but if it is done otherwise the community will blame Chief Musarurwa and Chief Charumbira, you will have to discuss with the company as a community and if you want them to mine they will follow what you would have asked them to do,” said Musarurwa.
Dinson Public Relations Manager Joseph Shoko said the company was willing to do what the villagers asked them to do for them to carry out mining activities.
“We have to do what you ask us to for things to be done in the right way as people need. If it is possible the chief together with his subjects can visit the company in Manhize to see what we are doing there,” said Shoko.
Villagers said the company needed to consider training some youths from the area on required qualifications and consider gender equality as well in the process.

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