Saturday, September 18, 2021

Chiredzi new Covid-19 hotspot

 TellZim Reporter

A Covid-19 catastrophe may be looming in Chiredzi District following an upsurge of positive cases throughout this week in what may trigger a third wave of the pandemic in Masvingo Province.

Speaking to TellZim News, Masvingo Provincial Medical Director Dr Amadeus Shamhu on Saturday ( June 12)  said investigations were underway to ascertain the cause of the worrying increase in positive Covid-19 cases.

“We have launched investigations after noticing the increase in number of positive cases in Chiredzi and we are waiting for the results.

“Right now it is not clear what is the cause of the sudden rise of these cases and we do not want to speculate,” Shamhu said.

Masvingo Provincial Covid-19 Taskforce spokesperson Rodgers Irimayi said the sudden increase of Covid-19 cases could be attributed to the current sugarcane harvesting period, with many people coming from different places into the local compounds.

“A lot of people are coming in from different places, and those coming from outside are dominating the number of cases, so we think that may be the cause.

“Such a situation is difficult to control because those people will only test positive once they are already in the compounds,” Irimayi said.

Some of the positive cases however are coming from local companies, with five employees from the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe testing Covid-19 positive on the same day late this week.

Meanwhile, the situation at Bondolfi Teachers College has gone back to normal after all the cases tested negative, with students being released to go to their respective homes.

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