Saturday, September 18, 2021

Chivi DA bans tsikamutanda

Acting DA Wafion Hlavati

Upenyu Chaota

Chivi – Acting District Administrator (DA) Wafios Hlavati has banned witch hunters (tsikamutandas), warning chiefs not to entertain such people whom he accuses of creating divisions in families.
Hlavati recently described tsikamutandas as evil people who leave a trail of destruction in their wake while robbing families of their wealth.
“These tsikamutandas are not welcome in Chivi. They are day light robbers who destroy families. We want peace and harmony not a situation where people are left at each other’s throats because of some nefarious claims.
“Some of them are so young and you wonder where they got the power they claim to possess,” said Hlavati.
He said people were losing their livestock to the dubious witch hunters who often demand payment in return for ‘cleansing homesteads of bad omens and goblins’.
“They are the very evil thing which needs to be cleansed. You cannot come and impose your services on people who never asked for that in the first place.
“Cattle are a valuable asset in our society so for someone to come and perform some ‘magic’ on our people and then demand cattle is criminal. We will not tolerate that in Chivi.
 “Hakuna musha usina zvawo. Kana auya atora mombe uye apumha vanhu uroyi vachasara vogarisana sei? For the chiefs in Chivi, I warn them against entertaining such people because if we find out these people are operating in our area, the chief will have to answer,” said Hlavati.local

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