Monday, August 8, 2022

Christian College head Muresherwa attains PhD in Education

Dr  Edson Muresherwa

‘pupils should make names out of teachers, not teachers out of pupils’

Star Matsongoni                                 

Christian College school head Edson Muresherwa has graduated
with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree in Education specializing in
curriculum issues, becoming one of the few school heads to achieve the feat.

the past several months, Muresherwa had been studying with the University of
Free State which is in South Africa.

research topic was ‘Challenges and opportunities to instructional leadership in
inclusive secondary schools of Zimbabwe’.

his thesis, Muresherwa argues that education should serve the interest of the
child not the interest of educational leaders.

this understanding, the child should create and make a name out of the
educational leaders not educational leaders creating a name out of children.

argues that people do not understand the meaning of inclusive education, a
topic they tend to reductively confuse with disability-inclusive education.

do not fully understand the concept of inclusive education. You find that a
school enrols only pupils with 5 units at grade seven and they make those
pupils attain ‘A’s at ordinary level. The idea should rather be enrolling even
those with 25 units and more and nurture them until they are good enough to
attain similar results at ordinary level,” said Muresherwa

also asserts that intelligence could not logically be measured solely on the
basis of academic capability.

are governed by the liberal thinking where we emphasize on marketization of
education and competition.  The idea
should be each and every child should come to school and should be exposed to
the curriculum and they will find their way and prepare them for the
future,” said Muresherwa.

is also a holder of a Master’s degree in Educational Management, Master of
Science degree in Human Resources Management, Bachelor of Education degree in
Geography, Bachelor of Commerce degree in Human Resource Management, Diploma in
Human Resource Management and Diploma in Training Management.

said he was now focusing on academic publications.

now, I will be working on my publications as I have been already accepted by
the Journal of Whole Schooling,” said Muresherwa

started his teaching journey in 1991 at Mukanga in Bikita where he worked for
19 years before moving to Masvingo Christian College he is currently based.

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