Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Command agriculture, another damn for Ngwena

Well, the country is burning comrades. Chakachaya! It’s no longer a secret that the guys in high offices there have failed the nation.  They are now clueless. I mean the Doctors and Professors in Zanu PF and government have failed the nation. Kkkkkkk iwo mafake doctorate enyu aya ekungoti chero maGrade 7 dropouts ava maDr (PhD), chero vana Mandi Chimene maForm 3 dropouts kkkkkk nana Oppa Muchinguri hahahahaha!  Kutonga nyika zvasiyana nekukanga maputi vakomana!
Anyway, the truth of the matter is the country is in turmoil. I once mentioned the need for a complete engine overhaul but eish ndakaita sekuti ndichadyiwa with Cdes from G40 faction. They don’t want to hear anything of that sort. They are manipulating the system and taking advantage of the advanced age of the CEO to loot and engage in corrupt activities. We all know that the CEO will be turning 93 years in more than five months, right?
Mapombi, as usual, is not very much interest in discussing issues relating to the CEO because we all know that…e-eh…umm I mean makisimusi ati wandei and as a result some of the things skip his mind. Whether he left the country for Kenya while the country was burning as protestors clashed with riot police, please let us just forgive him for we all know kwabviwa ndokure. Let us just pray that G40 will not remain heartless and continue to force him to remain in office. Bishops, Reverends and Pastors please pray for G40 kuti isazoramba yakaomesa moyo kudaro. Pastor Evan Mawarire please! Kkkk but zvinoita upenyu so ka – where is this Pastor Mawarire? We were together in the trenches fighting for a common cause but suddenly you vanished wakutodya rifa wega kuAmerica isu kuno tichingodya nhoko dzezvironda. I’m totally disappointed!
Anyway, we still have quite a number of people on our side to fight the struggle – all we are crying for is at least a decent life for an ordinary Zimbabwean; jobs for the youth and above all, good governance. We have War Vets on our side, Team Lacoste, Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC-T, Joice Teurairopa Mujuru and her ZimPF, ana Biti, Ncube and others. The list is endless. There is also #Tajamuka/Sesijikile, #Tasvinura, #SaveMyZimbabwe…..almost every sensible person has joined the struggle for change except for the police and G40. Hahahaha nyaraiwo imi mega mega shuwa hamunyare makaita sei. Chete vana veimbwa havasvinure musi umwe chete!
But Mapombi is extremely worried and, to be honest, has lost hope and respect for Cde Ngwena. Mapombi is a gentleman mind you; handivanzi ini. This guy is being overrated. Mapombi is not convinced by the so called his diplomatic strategies. Hapana apa kungochekeresa vamwe uku! G40 senge nani vanoita chirwirangwe. Kkkkk kukundwa naChinotimba chaiye unotombohumana achiti anodawo pfuti. Anyway, I might be wrong but that is my opinion. He might be intelligent but the strategies are very poor.
By the way, how is the Agriculture Command going? Kkkkkkk but this government so ka! Haigumirwe; they always find ways to enrich themselves. We want to see who eventually will benefit from the $500 million which they have set aside for this Agriculture Command. They will use this to campaign and we all know the beneficiaries will be Zanu PF supporters.  But can someone help Mapombi here; is this not the same method which was once tried by GMB and COTTCO before? And it failed dismally.   What guarantee do we have the programme will succeed this time around? Please help Mapombi here because pamwe pfungwa dzangu hadzichatore mushe. You all know I stay at a filth Dr Grace Mugabe Trading Centre and survive on rotten bananas and maputi – pfungwa dzinopedzesera dzoita sedzadambuka when one is living under these unhumane conditions.
In my own view, this Agriculture Command is merely meant to destroy Cde Ngwena. It’s a damn! Mnangagwa is already blamed for Gukurahundi and this Agriculture Command will certainly add to his woes. We all know that Mngangagwa is superintending over the project, right? Mapombi can foresee a situation where some Cdes especially from G40 looting the resources wholeheartedly so that, at the end, the project fails and Mnangagwa will be accused for the failure. We all know what happened to Dr Gideon Gono back then on the mechanisation programme and the bearer cheques? Nanhasi Gono haade kana kuonekwa nevanhu. And I am very sure we are going to witness the same scenario here – people are going to loot and the leader is always blamed when the project fails. I bet this is the last nail on Ngwena’s coffin. Bheji-bheji vanoda! Ko kuZanu PF magap ekusvibisana chete chete ka.
But we cannot continue recycling projects which failed before; we need fresh ideas. Trying something new Cdes but kana muchingoda kudyisana mari bva itai henyuka. At least you already have $500 million in your pockets for campaigning masiyanawo nanaTsvangirai nanaMujuru vasati vava kana neCent. All they have is support from ordinary people who are suffering.
It’s almost lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch. But before I go, when is the CEO coming back? I heard he left the country for Kenya last week leaving the country in flames? Kkkkkk but zvakaoma vakomana! Anyway, we all know who to blame for misleading the CEO, right?  But hakunawo here anokwanisa kuudza Mboko kuti zvakwana? Mapombi now knows that there are some men who do not reason at all. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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