Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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‘Do not die on the road this season, please’

Memory Rasa

Every wet season poses enhanced dangers to motorists and pedestrians alike due to increased potholes and reduced vision caused by rain, the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TCSZ) has said.
The organisation has encouraged all road users be extra cautious and to be extra alert on the roads to ensure safety on the country’s roads.
TCSZ reports that an average of 1800 people are killed annually while 30 000 are injured in road traffic accidents.
This means that on average, five people die and 38 others are injured daily on the roads, with the highest number being in the rainy season.
Speaking to TellZim News, TSCZ managing director Obia Chinyere said motorists should ensure that their vehicles are in a road worthy condition and basic checks are undertaken to prepare their vehicles for the rainy months.
“Nationally, road casualty rates increase with the arrival of the rainy season which is worsened by festive holidays. As the rains fall, it is important that all road users re-assess their journeys and account for the rains. We are advising all motorists to use their air conditioners and if not available, slightly open their windows to minimise the mist that builds up inside vehicles.
Driving in the rain can be both scary and dangerous. It produces anxiety as well as poor visibility so it is important to take wet weather seriously when you are on the road. One needs to ensure that thye can see properly. Most importantly, one has to drive according to the conditions and adjust a few habits to avoid sliding, skidding or being involved in a collision,” said Chinyere.
He also gave several tips including keeping windows clean, maintaining lights and tyres, turning windshield wipers, slowing down and staying focused.
“Slowing down is very important because it is very difficult to stop when speeding as the road would be slippery. Keeping a distance from other vehicles is also important. Speed kills and we wish all road users a safe season and blessed holidays,” Chinyere said.local

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