Thursday, June 1, 2023

Donkey bites, swallows Bikita woman’s finger

Valentine Makufa

In a bizarre incident that has left the community tongue-tied, a Bikita woman recently lost her finger after it was bitten and chewed by a donkey in Munatsi village, ward 31 of Bikita.
It is reported that on July 25, Eunica Matambandini went to look for her sheep at around 1700 hours when she was unfortunately attacked by the donkey.
Tomupei Mukanyi who happens to be the victim’s husband confirmed the incident and pleaded for the intervention of the veterinary department as it has turned a blind eye towards the matter.
“It is true, that incident happened here. My wife went out to look for our sheep and passed by three donkeys.
“She heard heavy breathing behind her and turned to see a donkey charging towards her after which she tried in vain to scare it away before it attacked her, bit her right thumb prompting her to fall down. We assume the donkey swallowed the finger for we could not find the finger at the scene of the attack.
“The veterinary office promised to vaccinate donkeys and cattle before the incident but did not fulfill its promise. Currently the veterinary has done nothing about the incident so we are pleading for their intervention,” said Mukanyi.
Ward 31 councilor Thomas Mataga also confirmed the incident.
“The incident happened at around 1700 hours during sunset last Monday. She was looking for her animals when a donkey followed and suddenly bit the woman on her right hand which resulted into the amputation of the thumb,” said Mataga.
Matambandini is currently getting treatment at Silveira Mission Hospital.

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