Sunday, October 1, 2023

Todiiko nevanhu veMasvingo

Ladies and gentlemen, let me first of all take this opportunity to humbly appreciate the role freedom fighters as well as the masses played during the liberation struggle that brought about this ‘so-called independence’. I understand the iron lady Oppah Muchinguri is in Masvingo to clean at our provincial shrine. But zvatoititirwa neZanu sure, a whole Minister and chairperson wemusangano uri kutonga kuuya kuzononga marara paheroes, kubva nemafuel gazzler muchitambisa fuel, nxaaa, marara acho akabvepi musango imomo. Idyai mari handiti ndimi makafira nyika yacho mega, infact makauraya vamwe muchida kudya mega mofunga hatizvizive. The movement has been hijacked by a few individuals who have since declared themselves true liberators at the expense of the whole nation. Looting has become the order of the day to say the least by these guys who claim to have died for this country. But iyo national shrine, iyi Heroes hectare is expanding, I mean the number of people buried there keeps on growing especially when the nation drift towards either Independence or Heroes and Defence Forces holidays, a hero will be buried before and what a coincidence, izvezvi umwe akaenda manje manje, is it a sacrifice or vakafa vanodeedzana zvavo kkkk.
But imi mazivanhu imi endai munobaiwa vaccine tibate heard immunity apa, we are tired of wearing face masks apa taakupinda muSummer, zvinopisa izvi and I am sure the government won’t lift the mandatory wearing of masks any time soon if we haven’t reached herd immunity. This lackadaisical approach to things ndoinoita kuti titambure, the same pace is seen kuvoter registration, vanhu havatodi wena. I thought maybe vaccine involves injection saka vanhu are afraid, what about registration, nxaaa endai munoregister kuvoter apa.
Todiiko nevanhu veMasvingo, vakadaro zvavo Mbuya vaGivas, kkkk Masvingo is something else. its proving itself as the breeding ground for political unrest and developments. General Sibusiso declared the situation has reached another level here in Masvingo. It breeds hot-headed people always, Look at Zvobgo senior, Mavhaire, Mbuya Mahofa, Nero, Sikhala ah, the list is endless. Last time paPCC elections paya the police had torrid time to control the raging factions and we thought zvakapera paya but alas, they decided to give us another show last weekend kkkk.nyaya yacho yakamira so, Israel Lunga, Delight Mandebvu vs Charles Munganasa, Mavhenyengwa vs Chadzamira, ED VS General iwe kkk pakaipa, that’s Masvingo for you.
The youths from the ‘revolutionary party’ vakaramba kupiwa order namaSascum kkkk zvakaoma. The factions are at each other’s throat and pakaipa kwete zvekunyepa. They were abandoned after haivhiyiwi inovhiyiwa tussle kkkk. Haa the volatile environment engulfing the provincial youth elections truly reached another level with rivals baying for each other’s blood. Ko kuno kuChitima ndaizvizivirepi kuti before elections, voters now go into camping as I used to hear of it with soccer teams prior to matches. Kkkk ko zvakazikanwa nani kuti vaiva kuMaponga lodge vaive vashoma kupinda vaiva kuFlamboyant uko. Mapfupa aNehanda aimbonzi achamuka, asi apo ndinoona aEddison senior anenge akupfuka zvawo and this time in favour of little-known Israel. But kana chapfuura 35 ngachibude, hatichada zvemadara muYouth kkkk. Guys it was just a tense atmosphere at the Polytechnic as voters turned up to cast their votes which never was going to be the case. Moving in files vachibva nekuExor uko vachiimba vaiva vakarongeka sevanhu vakararawo pahotera ka, they just erupted into songs as they marched towards the election venue Masvingo Poly. Little did they know that our learned Charle and Mandebvu were waiting with a joker. Haaya at times there is need to distinguish knowledge from wisdom as the former is an academic achievement while the later can be in-born and is not an easy attribute to have. The buoyant learned candidate who in news articles has dismissed factionalism as ‘something that exist in minds of mad people’ sensed danger and spared his character from humiliation after discovering that only a few cadres from Masvingo district were loyal to his cause. Now you need to believe Mapombi’s word in case she fore warns the public about some issues in the making though behind the scenes. These factional wars are real and the cancer has manifested itself heavily in the party especially in Masvingo. Hameno zvichapera sei becoz pamwe parikurema izambuko rekunopinda muCentral committee revakuru vaya and am sure the elections are around the corner. If ever the events of July 30 are anything to go by, then one man is fretting over his future or incorporation into the central committee, chete kungoti Zanu inochinja mavara seRwaivhi unoona munhu atopinda zvikashamisa ka.
What about our vocal prophet Talent, haaaya vanenge vanobatwa neshavi reHoto vachitevera direction ikuenda mhepo avo. After spending quite some time seemingly critical of Zanu PF where his kith Generari is vice and supporting Nero, all of a sudden he made an about turn much to the surprise of his following. Confusion seems to be reigning supreme in the mind of the man of cloth, I suspect vaakuda kuita pengaudzoke plus zvagara Daiton aiitungamirira haasisipo ka. Ko kusungwa yakazova passport yekuva good leader since when, shame. If you feel that being vocal is a clear sign of good leadership, then yourself should form a political party because you have been or seem to be vocal that much. What does being arrested has to do with leadership or are you sanitizing the capture of other arms of state by the current executive resulting in abuse of the judiciary and thus these arbitrary arrests. Were you a follower of the former MDC99 apostle, kkkk kurasika kunongouya vanhu vakarivara? But on Sikhala wairevesa zvako, the man is a man of action and action is what is needed now kwete kungorota vanhu vapinda.
Mavingo iri kunets all sides, I am glad the dust at Ndarama high has settled now with a new SDA in place to replace the 18 year-old one. These issues of power, a number of strange things do happen and relinquishing power is or has been one thing an incumbent is reluctant to embrace hey.
Before I go zvangu kunokanga maputi, I heard there is a councillor in Chiredzi who is eating green mangoes with salt that has to stop forth with. Stop it councillor and concentrate nekuvaka Nyika. I heard our ministers saying Zimbabwe will soon export water to South Africa, that’s what we want to hear from politicians’ kwete zvekutidyira vana vedu.
I am glad that Masimba is now on site paChimusana apa I am sure we will see progress soon. Let me just warn vane vakadzi vanouya pachitima apa, beware, vakomana vemaroads havamisi, vanomitisa kwete zvekunyepa. Just beware ladies and gentlemn, musazoti mapombi didn’t warn us. Todiiko nevanhu vaMasvingo, Mboko Imboko!!!

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