Saturday, September 18, 2021

EFF Zim attacks ED, Chamisa for failing to inspire hope

Nyashadzashe Mambure

little known opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters Zimbabwe (EFF) Zim has
slammed President Mnangagwa and MDC’s Nelson Chamisa, labeling both of them
failures who cannot inspire people in the country at all levels.
a statement, EFF Zim president Innocent Ndibali said Chamisa’s MDC, which runs
many urban local authorities, has failed the people while President Mnangagwa’s
government which runs the central government has failed the country at large.
said Chamisa and President Mnangagwa should equally take the blame for running
down the country which has a lot of potential.
is not surprising that Zanu PF and MDC are silent on the issue of coronavirus
because between them, they have destroyed all the health infrastructure needed
to respond to the coronavirus.
has destroyed the capacity and ability of local authorities they have run for
20 years through corruption and incompetence with Zanu PF failing to govern at
national level.
and Zanu PF are two peas in a pod and the only difference is that one is a
failure at local level while the other is a failure at a national and global
scale,” said Ndibali in a statement.
said that EFF Zim has great concern for the people of Zimbabwe and called on
leaders to come together and put the country first in the face of a hopeless
and Mnangagwa are busy planning for 2023 while we have a situation which if not
prepared for will wipe out the voters which are being targeted.
will be voting in 2023 if coronavirus hits the country? If the virus can wipe
out thousands in China which is way ahead of us in terms of development and
technological advancement, how many will die in Zimbabwe which is centuries
is the narrative which our political leaders should be pushing rather than
major on minors,” said Ndibali.

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