Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Enzo Ishall billed to perform at Chiredzi’s Madokero gardens

Honour Makovere

The revellers in Chiredzi will have a chance to date with the Kanjiva hit maker Enzo Ishall as he is billed to perform at the official opening of the Madokero Gardens on March 30.
Madokero Gardens, belonging to one Shepherd Zhou, will be an outing joint where the people of Chiredzi and beyond can visit to have some fun and refresh.
Zhou said that Chiredzi is a growing and developing town and people are running out places to hang out and enjoy themselves.
“The people of Chiredzi spend the whole week working their backs off but at the end of it all they need a place to have some fun and refresh.
“Work without play offers fertile grounds for stress so we say people should come and enjoy themselves at Madokero Gardens where we will have our official opening on March 30.
“Madokero Gardens will be a place to be if you want to get your mind off the stress from work and life,” said Zhou.
Zhou said his place will be a safe haven to conduct weddings, graduation parties and birthdays among others.
He also said that the coming in of Madokero Gardens would enable artists, who had for long shunned Chiredzi because of poor performing stages, to come because they will be offering the best.
“Artists do not just come until they are satisfied with the stage and environment. We offer the best and we will be hosting various artists. We are talking to Enzo Ishall to be our first performer on our official opening.
“Good times are coming for all revellers in Chiredzi,” said Zhou.

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