Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Exposed hospital accountant fired

Fredrick Moyo

Exposed Masvingo Provincial Hospital accounting assistant has been relieved of his duties after being found guilty of transferring revenue meant for the institution to his personal use.
On July 10, 2020, TellZim News published a story in which patients questioned why they were paying hospital fees into the accountant’s personal EcoCash account instead of the hospital’s account.
In a letter date August 6, 2021, Dr Eliah Zimbwa undersigned the dismissal of Semucle Ganyani detailing out misconduct charges.
“The grounds on which this determination is based are that you collected an undisclosed amount of money on behalf of Masvingo Provincial Hospital from clients and converted it to your personal use. This was revealed in the provincial weekly newspaper, TellZim News on July, 10, 2020,” read part of the dismissal letter.
The evidence presented shows that Ganyani received a certain amount of money from a client and used his personal ecocash number and he did not produce a receipt of the amount received, with the receipt book from the said period missing.
“From the evidence presented by the complainant (customer), you received money from a client and used your ecocash number and there is no evidence of receipt of the received money and the receipt book for the said period could not be found to ascertain if the payment in question was really receipted,” added the letter.
Ganyani failed to produce the Ecocash printout and bank statement to prove that the money he received was indeed swiped into the hospital account using his bankcard as he claimed.
“In addition, the complainant has a strong belief that you erred in that you failed to produce the ecocash printout and the bank statement to prove that the money received through your mobile phone was indeed swiped in the hospital account using your bank card,” added the letter.
The disciplinary authority found Ganyani guilty as charged after analysing and weighing the aggravated and mitigating factors surrounding the case.
“Having analysed the pertinent facts surrounding the case, I find you guilty as charged. I have carefully applied my mind and carefully considered the above and weighed the aggravating and mitigating factors to establish whether extenuating circumstances existed to justify lenience,” read the letter.
Ganyani was discharged from his duties with effect from the date of receiving the letter and was reminded that he can appeal against the determination within seven working days from the date of acknowledgement.

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