Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Insufficient funds hamper completion of MPH’s ICU and Renal Unit resuscitation

Rutendo Chirume

Masvingo- Progress on construction works of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Masvingo Provincial Hospital has reportedly stalled due to lack of funds though the work was supposed to have been completed urgently to back up an overwhelmed Rujeko Covid-19 Isolation Centre.
The ICU ward whose construction started in January with promises that it was to be functional soon after to cater for Covid-19 patients is yet to be finished as a result of financial challenges while the renal unit as well is yet to be reestablished.
The twenty-one bed project is yet to be roofed.
Masvingo Provincial Covid-19 taskforce spokesperson Rogers Irimayi said that the structure could have been completed but donors who had pledged funding delayed the disbursement of funds thereby delaying the construction process.
“We are at the stage of putting touchups which include the ceiling, tankers and internal fittings. It is difficult to say when the project will be completed because the donors determine the pace but I believe the isolation center will be ready anytime soon and will be meant for severe Covid-19 patients,” Irimayi said.
Provincial Medical Director (PMD) Dr Amadeus Shamhu said that he had no idea when the project will be complete because the public works department has that information.
“I know that works are in progress but I cannot comment on the time frame because Mr Muzite the managing engineer at the site has that information,” Dr Shamhu said.
Contacted for a comment during the time of publishing Muzite texted and said he was in a meeting.
There is only one Covid-19 isolation center in Masvingo at Rujeko clinic with a capacity of accommodating only six patients.
After being shut down due to lack of functioning machines, the Renal Unit is also still struggling to get back to working.
Dr Amadeus Shamhu said that he hoped that by now the unit could have been functioning but the process is been slowed down due to lack of sponsorship.
“The process has been slowed down due to donors who would have slowed down or withdrew the sponsorship so that means we will have to wait for another sponsor in order to continue,” said Shamhu.
Currently kidney patients in Masvingo seek treatment in town from private surgeries like Makurira Memorial Clinic.

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