Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Girls substitute sanitary pads with cow dung

 Tinaani Nyabereka
As the economic situation in the country deteriorates with prices of most basic
goods and services meteorically rising to unprecedented levels, the sanitary
pads for women have become unreachable and many are said to be now using cow
dung as an alternative.
at the Day of the Girl Child programme recently, Midlands State University
(MSU) Associate Professor, Irene Muzvidziwa, said most women and girls are
facing challenges in securing sanitary pads and have opted for unsafe methods.
 girls and women are putting themselves at a sexual reproductive
health risk during their mensural period through substituting proper sanitary
wear with cow dung, leaves, or clothes just because sanitary wear has just
become expensive,” said Muzvidziwa.
said that the patriarchal classification in the society was at the forefront of
hindering the development of the girl child in all spheres of life.
and patriarchal systems in our society  perpetuate gender imbalances which
then hinders the development of the girl child in all circles hence the
 worth of a girl child is then ignored.  The same fate befalls them
on issues such as early marriage, sexual abuse, right to education and
expensive sanitary wear.
women are further being sucked into the culture of “blessers” to end economic
hardships but it leaves them vulnerable to abuse .I am calling upon
stakeholders to come together and  strategize mechanism to combat these
issues, men  join in the women’s movement and take lead  in our society.”
said Muzvidziwa.
Women Christian Alliance’s (YWCA) national general secretary, Muchanyara
Mukamuri urged young girls to shun peer pressure and sexual activities before
economy is hard and this has a negative impact on the girl child. Most girls
tend to succumb to peer pressure to make ends meet. They open themselves to
abuse just to access the basic needs.
plead with the government to subsidize the prices of sanitary pads to save our
girls and women. The substitutes being used are a danger to women. There are
perverts who take advantage of desperate girls and abuse them. Parents should
be on the lookout,” said Mukamuri.

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