Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Gutu teacher cheats with taxi driver

….husband demands seven cattle

Moses Ziyambi

GUTU – A man from Gondwi is demanding seven head of cattle from a village taxi operator who allegedly slept with his wife on several occasions, TellZim News can reveal.
At the centre of the controversy is Jubilee Litha Gonese, a teacher at Gondwi Primary School, who admitted before the courts that she slept with Vengai Zivavose many times when her own husband Ranganai Madhuro was away in Harare where he works.
Madhuro now wants Zivavose to compensate him because he allegedly invaded his bedroom and dipped his hand into the forbidden cookie jar.
The case was initially heard by Chief Gutu’s court where Zivavose was found guilty and ordered to pay five cattle but he instead chose to appeal the judgement with a higher court.
The matter is now recorded under Case Number CC7/17 at the Gutu Magistrate Court where Edwin Marecha is expected to make his ruling on November 17.
Madhuro, however, is no longer prepared to accept five cattle that Chief Gutu had awarded him, but is now demanding seven because his wife has made more graphic confessions of her sexual escapades with Zivavose.
The matter began some day last year when Zivavose sent a late night ‘ndeipi, zviri sei’ greeting message to Gonese via WhatsApp.
The following morning, a suspicious Madhuro confronted Zivavose saying he was now sure that Madhuro was seeing his wife, just as some people had told him before, but Zivavose denied the accusations.
Madhuro then went to Chatsworth police station to state his domestic problems and the police later called Gonese who admitted sleeping with Zivavose once in the bush after she had boarded his taxi from Mpandawana.
The police then advised Madhuro to report his case to Chief Gutu who ordered Zivavose to pay five beasts.
At the magistrate’s court, Madhuro brought his wife and their daughter Blessing as witnesses, with Gonese, during cross-examination, making even more stunning revelations that she had slept with Zivavose not once but several times. She also claimed that Zivavose had been frequenting her home in the absence of Madhuro.
Zivavose, who is being represented by Collen Maboke of Ruvengo, Maboke and Company, maintained that he has never been in a relationship with Gonese. He also argued that on the day that Gonese claims to have met him for the first time, it was his employee George Muzariri who was driving the taxi.
It was also stated that it was not Zivavose who frequented the couple’s house but Muzariri who is Blessing’s boyfriend and with whom she has now eloped.
Zivavose also claimed that it was all a matter of sour grapes because he had rejected Madhuro’s demands that he pay US$100 so that the matter could be put to rest.local

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