Thursday, September 16, 2021

Headman Chaka threatens to ban churches

Chief Chaka

Batsiranayi Ngugama

Chirimuhanzu – Headman Chaka, born Takaendesa Chaka, has warned priests and church ministers to mind their own business and desist from being ‘agents of imperialists who seek to destroy traditional culture’.
The headman said this while addressing hundreds of mourners gathered for the burial of one Eva Madyauta nee Masiiwa at Maketo village.
He accused churches of confusing the people and warned that he would no longer tolerate that.
“It remains a mystery whether we are going to see God or not. These preachers are serving our erstwhile enemies. How would you feel you pastors and priests when you die the following morning your children call you a goblin? (sic).
“You preachers you must stop that forthwith or risk being banned. You are compromising our culture and we won’t permit that. As chiefs, we know that witches are there but even government says otherwise,” Chaka said.
Madyauta, who reportedly succumbed to severe headache, finished her studies at Masvingo Teachers College in 2012 and taught in Murewa before transferring to Matibi Mission where her husband is a nurse.
Speaker after speaker described Madyauta, who is survived by husband and their five-year-old daughter, as a pillar of faith and a hardworking person.
On a different note, Chaka said he was greatly honoured by President Robert Mugabe who commissioned the construction of a dualised Beitbridge – Harare highway in his area.
“The President once taught at Driefontein with the great statesman Leopold Takawira and has full knowledge of this area.
“He knows that this area has mermaids and is sacred so it was important to appease the ancestors here. I killed a black cow and talked to the mermaids,” he claimed.
Heiger Construction will commence the project with construction of a 40km stretch of road going towards Harare Road and another 40km towards Masvingo from the place President Mugabe commissioned the project.
The headman also said chiefs will be in charge of recruiting locals to work in the multi-million dollar project.topnews

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