Saturday, September 18, 2021

I won Gweru Urban but ground was not fair – Dube

Itai Muzondo

GWERU – MDC Alliance’s winning parliamentary candidate for Gweru Urban, Brian Dube has said his victory came against huge odds that were stacked against the opposition.
Dube won the race by 17 928 against his closest rival; Esau Natare of Zanu PF who garnered a total of 7 142 votes.
Speaking to TellZim News, Dube said there were a lot of anomalies that marred the elections, adding that the polls had dismally failed the test of credibility, freeness and fairness.
“I am happy I won but I am still troubled by how the Zimbabwe Election Commission (Zec) handled affairs before and during the polls. A good example is how they turned a deaf ear to our reasonable requests for the final voters’ roll as well as the opaqueness surrounding the printing, security and distribution of ballot papers.
“Currently, as results are being announced, there are a lot of issues being raised by our people on the ground but Zec does not care,” said Dube.
“I can’t speak much as most issues that trouble us as MDC Alliance have been noted in reports from monitors,” he added.
Dube also said people who demonstrated in Harare over what he called Zec’s clear bias against the MDC Alliance were justified as they were practicing their right to assembly.
TellZim News also caught up with independent candidate, Nkosikona Ndlovu who said he accepted defeat.
He said he strongly agreed with Dube’s sentiments that several aspects of the electoral environment and the voting process itself had countless anomalies.
“I lost and I accept the result as I have always said this campaign is part of my 15-year plan to get into the hearts of Gweru people. In the process, I will continue working with them regardless of my current loss.
“I however expect better from Zec in future elections because much of the anomalies started on the day of the nomination court. I expect a lot of improvement in how elections are administered in the country if Zec is to regain our trust as citizens,” Ndlovu said.local

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