Thursday, November 30, 2023

Internal stakeholders to participate in curriculum review-MoPSE Perm Sec

Perpetua Murungweni

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has urged its clientele and other stakeholders to make sure they contribute their input when the ministry carries out nationwide 2023 Curriculum Review Consultations set for May 23 and 24.
The ministry’s permanent secretary Tumisang Thabela released a statement dated May 17, 2023 saying they are carrying out a curriculum review where everyone will get a chance to participate in deciding the best education curriculum.
“We will be carrying out a Nationwide 2023 Curriculum Review Consultations with our clients and internal stakeholders on 23 and 24 May. Every school will be a consultation center starting from 0830 to 1700 hours.
“The consultations will give an opportunity for the internal stakeholders to participate in deciding the education we want as a nation and their views are important to shape our socio-economic development,” said Thabela.
Thabela also encouraged all stakeholders to be part of the consultation which she says is meant to improve the competence-based curriculum.
“All stakeholders should not miss out this opportunity to improve the competence-based curriculum in the ministry’s quest of providing equitably and inclusive 21st century quality education, leaving no one and no place behind,” she added.
A curriculum review is a critical examination of academic programmes for the purpose of optimizing student learning experiences led collaboratively by academic staff who teaches within the programme.
Zimbabwe introduced the competence-based curriculum in 2015 on a seven year duration up to 2022 where great strides have and are being made to ensure the education system produces self-reliant learners and is aimed at shifting from the traditional system where learners’ participation was minimal resulting in them not obtaining the critical skills they need in their lives.

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