Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Is Chinamasa against ED?

I heard Zimbabweans have been informed to brace up for more power outages kkkkk. Nhai Minister Soda ndozvamakatirongera here izvi neMinistry yenyu. Hoo nhai, that is why Zanu PF empowered its youths in selling firehood paya tichiti kupenga kkkkk. Vanga vatoonera kuti we are going to have this total blackout yekushaya magetsi nhai? This is very interesting sure. You will hear them soon mumastreets calling out kuti huni huni huni, fresh fresh from the mountain kkkkk. Seka zvako mapombi kusekera godo semukadzi wenhaka. Forgive me dear readers, I once said this muna 2018 paya but people didn’t believe me thinking kuti I am mad, now I am sure maakuzviona. The 2018 election promises were mere political lip servicing. Hanzi kuchenesa nyika yese kuti ngwee nemagetsi kkkk. Haa yedu nhamo is not a matter of life and death, it’s totally bigger than both. Hanzi brace for more power cuts, ladies and gentlemen. Hameno henyu imi vasina kujaira, isu we are already used to the situation. Sometimes being a destitute pays in Zimbabwe, you will even emulate us and some of my colleagues in town kuti zvavo zvabhadhara, to them whether kune magetsi or hakuna it’s the same. Apa the alternative, gas, rakakwira mutarara, totizirepi sure. Kuita nhamo yechimodho kuti uku chakagaria moto, uku chakausenga ummmmm.
Where is the CEO of this country zvinhu zvichidai, he promised us jobs jobs and jobs, he promised free education, he promised Magetsi but have fulfilled nothing. The Zimbabwe is open for business mantra didn’t yield anything. Ava CEO ava mmm I think this company vaitadza dai vapa mumwe whilst there is time. He is busy lying to people hanzi less talk and action chete, action ipi ipapa, this stretch yeHarare Beit-bridge isina kutopera ndoyatiri kungoudzwa pese pese.
I want to thank the Worry US for the job well done, I understand they managed to give the game to our next door South Africa coz honestly we didn’t need the win, for what, ko taigoidiii win yacho zvedu isu takabuda kudhara. They save the lives of our fellow countrymen in Mzansi kkkk. We couldn’t humiliate our neighbour anotichengetera vana kudaro. That’s the least we could do to them since we have been reduced to be a province of South African zvedu kkkk, ko handiti zvese tongotora ikoko even matooth pick chaiwo. I am just happy that Murwira recently acknowledged that we have no factory to manufacture crutches kkkk Madondoro chaiwo hatigoni, what a shame.
I heard ZACC yedu yekushaya mazino iyi is circling in Masvingo these days, in Zaka to be specific. Hanzi paKanzuru paya a lot of rot has been going on ipapo. I hope they will bring sanity there because mmm iri kudyiwa paya. Ko ndovadii kana kumusoro vachidyawo, they are eating at their level. I just hope that this toothless ZACC will do something, maybe up there kumakata but apa they can’t fail, if they do then we are doomed. At least they should just show us they are capable of doing something.
Can someone please tell Mr Bin Chinamasa to stop it, he should just stop it, if he is smoking surf or flour he just has to stop it and help Zanu PF to uphold the country’s constitution. We need by-elections in Zimbabwe as stipulated by the constitution. A number of people are struggling to get reference letters because their councillors were recalled by crazy Mwonzora and his allies. Now Chinamasa is saying by elections is a waste of resources. How many resources have you squandered nhaiwe Bin Man. Under normal circumstances, the likes of Chinamasa would be concentrating on their farms, which they grabbed from the white farmers and ruined down. Dai muchitorima nePfumvudza contributing to national food security zvirinani. Busy busy kuda kudzvanyirira the populace of Zimbabwe on their right to vote. Takachionera kudhara chimaths chenyu nanaMwonzora ichi so please we are watching you this time hakuna iyoyo. If you are sincere about wasting state resources, why are you letting corrupt ministers walking scot-free? Vana Mupfumira, Rushwaya, Chombo, Obadaiah are the ones wasting state resources vachidya nyika vamwe takati vavava but vakaitwei. Now we have anaTagwirei, the Mnangagwa sons vachiita kudya rifa renyika while the rest wallop in poverty. If you are sincere, pay our teachers. Mari yacho mukuda kuiisepi, at least tell us that you want to pay workers tingatombonzwa. If you will defeat the opposition then just go for elections and prove it. Taking more than hundred people for a summit is wasting state resources not by-elections. Travelling with a motor cade of more than 50 fuel guzzler vehicles to commission Marula plant in Mwenezi is wasting resources. The list is endless and if by-elections is a waste of time then similarly the 2023 will be a waste.
Speaking of by-elections, I heard Controversial and staunch dialogue supporter Killer Zivhu is not going to stand as an independent candidate as has been said by a number of people. Hanzi I was bred in Zanu PF so I cannot go against its candidate. But Zivhu so kkk. I really don’t know what he is made of, he is more than a chameleon. Nhasi he is praising Chamisa, mangwana ED, haaa unobva washaya paari chaipo.
Civil servants please don’t be fooled by being promised bonus in US, they want to hoodwink you into voting for them, remember 2023 paseri apo. I have been monitoring hangu how they are busy walking around opening these stupid fruit processing plants around the country. Kunovhura kumaruzevha uko moti kudiwa kkkkk. If you hear it being reported by the dead ZBC unoti kuda tavhurirwa ziIndustry kkkkk, hapana, they are just like corner shops ladies and gentlemen, nothing much will be done there, no employment creation ikutaurwa apa the few who would be employed there are their relatives and isu povho hatilumi kana tseee. Muchaona henyu hezvino Mapombi ndiri pano, they now want to do a salary increment, you will see as we approach 2023 vaakuti takukupai maUS kkk, watch the space.
Before I go zvangu for my usual meal yemaputi let me speak to the Civic Centre authority, I am seeing a development between Chevron and Kedu Mucheke river apa. It’s a right step in the right direction to have Kennen Park there but mmm nyangwe iwo maJerimani acho akauya how will they tour the park nesmell inobuda muna Mucheke imomo musewer yega yega. Even the public who would want to chill in the park vachiti nice smell from Chevron then odour from Mucheke, I don’t think the combination would be good ini. Let’s respect the Germans guys, vakatipa a lot including an ambulance so please make sure Mucheke river is free from sewerage and oils from the industries so that we have better smell at Kennen Park.
Ko where is the king of bootlicking, kedu Kudzanai Chipanga kkkk. Uripi Kudzi kkkk. Why don’t you go and join the Tyson Wabantu movement nhai Chipanga, I think kuZanu havakude kana zvavo ava. Or else you can join the queue with your relative Hosiah Chipanga, hanzi akudawo kuona His Excellency kkkk. Mboko Imboko.

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