Thursday, June 1, 2023

It’s difficult to find relevance -Hip hop sensation Arthur Kay

Branton Matondo

MUTARE-Budding Mutare based hip hop artist Arthur Takudzwa Kaaraidze who is known in music circles as Arthur Kay is bubbling with excitement following his latest released album recently took time to shed on his career.
While the hiphop genre took time to feature prominently on the local scene, Arthur Kay said he has worked on a number of projects, which he believes are going to take the local hiphop scene by storm despite the road being bumpy.
“So far I have worked on a couple of projects with Pathum records and C Bleech Music. With Pathum I have worked on an album called Pathum which was released in 2018. It was nominated for the best duo in 2020 at Zim Hip Hop awards.
“After that I worked on a mix tape called Takudzwa (We’re Honoured) in 2020 with Pathum records which featured Aguila, Top dogg, Chana and Herb mixed and mastered by Pathum records and produced by Tupoetik, Aky oan and Sos. I then started a project with C Bleech music and we worked on a project (album) called Chikanga which we released on March 22, 2023.
“Relevance is a challenge as a hip hop artist but it can be worked on because people need to relate and understand the art of hip hop. In terms of finances, it’s also a challenge because marketing wise, finances are very much crucial in the industry,” he added.
Arthur Kay also declared his wishes to work on collaborations with prominent artists and shed light on his recently released album which seems to have left the artist on cloud nine.
“I have done collaborations with artists like Aguila on a number of tracks. I have worked with Chana, Virus and Chakwiiti. I’m also looking forward to working with prominent artists in the future.
“On my latest album, I can say social experiences motivated this project. Growing up every day in Chikanga facing reality, I believe as a youth there are a lot of things we take for granted as time passes by and we don’t advise each other on things that are crucial in our lives, so I used this project as a voice to speak all the matters that we tend to give a blind eye to,” he said.
Arthur Kay also highlighted that he is working on a new project though he could reveal much on it.
“Yes, I am currently working on many projects but cannot mention much upon that upcoming project,” said Arthur Kay.

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