Saturday, September 18, 2021

Jah Stonny releases third album

Jah Stonny

Lawrence Mandava

Jah Stonny, real name Clive Chivakire, a promising reggae and dancehall artist, released his third love album titled Babilan Touch over the festive holidays, with hopes that it is going to be a change maker in his career.
Babilan Touch is Jah Stonny’s third album, following the release of Mavambo in 2015 and Dai Mandiona in 2016.
The new album is largely conscious, is about love but partly gospel too. It also touches on improving the lives of the ghetto youths in Masvingo,” Jah Stonny said.
He expressed gratitude to Mankind, Skyfall Records and Oudin studios as well as his management team (Ricky Boss, Fire Master and Net King) for sponsoring and assisting in the successful production of his album.
“I would like to greatly appreciate the support I got from my management team including Ricky Boss, Fire Master, Net King and the three studios (Mankind, Skyfall Records, Oudin) for helping me in my journey to my third album which is now out,” he said.
The 23-year-old artist, who said he was looking forward to improving his musical skills, encouraged his fans to continue supporting his music. He said he was also looking forward to collaborations with big names in the dancehall music industry
“This is a great year for me. I am looking forward to improving my music, buy more instruments and collaborate with other big dancehall artists in the country. To my fans, continue to support us, you help us going and we are promising you more tunes,” said Jah Stonny.entertainment

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