Monday, September 20, 2021

Jerera water woes persist

Zaka ward 19 Councillor Peter Imbayarwo

Believe Mpofu

Jerera residents have said they continue to cry out to the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) as it is allegedly failing to put to an end the water crisis in some parts of Jerera.

TellZim has learnt that ZINWA is reported to have halfway solved the problem but only few houses are getting the water and the majority of the households are yet to receive the precious liquid. 

This has prompted residents to resort to the use of bush toilets during the night since there is no running water to flash the toilets, a development which can lead to outbreak of diseases.

Speaking to TellZim News, Zaka Ward 19 councilor Peter Imbayarwo confirmed that people are still complaining that there is no water running in their tapes. 

“ZINWA has claimed that they fixed the problem but some low density residents are still complaining that they are not getting water.

“West view A and B in low density are still experiences water challenges. They said that ZINWA has promised them to fix the problem,” said Imbayarwo.

Imbayarwo said that the low density suburbs are using small pipes that cannot pump water well and the extension has increased.

He however attributed the problem to the national water authority instead of the council which should take responsibility in the servicing of residential areas.

“There is too much extension in low density areas and they are using small pipes. They are calling out to ZINWA to come and fix their problem,” said the councillor.

 Contacted for comment ZINWA Masvingo Provincial communication and Marketing Officer Tsungirira Shoriwa told TellZim News that he is supposed to contact his partners in Jerera and hear what they say before commenting.

“I will have to hear my partners in Jerera and confirm why there is an issue like that and get back to you,” said Shoriwa.

A health hazard is looming in some parts of Jerera Growth Point as low density suburbs are reportedly going for long periods without water. 

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