Leave positive legacy, DDC urges new Gweru council

Gweru District Development Coordinator Tarisai Mudadigwa

Tinaani Nyabereka

MIDLANDS-Gweru District Development Coordinator (DDC), Tarisai Mudadigwa has urged the newly sworn in Gweru City councilors to work towards positive legacy in their 5 year term of office.
Speaking after the swearing in ceremony last week, Mudadigwa said he was happy to see a youthful group of councilors coming in.
“Strive to leave a legacy, a legacy in the history of Gweru City Council. A legacy characterized by hard work, honesty, and dedication to duty. You know the background we have, issues of water, street lights, illegal vending.
“You are the new hoes coming in, and we expect you to have an impact and I am very happy to see a youthful group of councilors.
“We felt as a Ministry that it was necessary to equip the new Councilors who are coming into the new system of local governance. The local government system is dynamic, it changes especially under the devolution mantra,” he said.
Mudadigwa however reminded the new Councilors on their mandate to serve the people saying they are the ones who determine how long they will stay in council.
“Councilors, the secret to remain where you are sitting is to serve the electorate, the electorate are our bosses. As a government, we say we want servant leadership.
“Maintain an open door policy to the people who elected you. When you return from council give feedback to the people who sent you,” he said.
A ward 13 resident, Lameck Sateko also spoke on the need for council to uphold engagement for development to move.
“The newly elected Councilors should change Gweru, they should not do what has been happening but come up with different ideas and know that they were elected by the people. Whatever they get from council they should bring it back to the people, whatever decision they want to make they should consult residents first.
“On water, what pains us is that water is there but we get too many excuses, electricity this and that; they should try by all means so that we can at least say when Councilor so and so came in they did this so that residents see the benefit of electing them,” said Sateko.
The councilors are set to go for their first phase of induction on September 21 and 22.


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