Saturday, September 30, 2023

5 households destroyed by veld fire

Faith Duri

12 houses from five households were destroyed by fire in Chipinda and Matsvare villages in ward 1, Zaka North Saturday September 9, 2023.
The cause of fire that destroyed more than 500 ha of land is yet to be ascertained but the devastation left a number of people and animals stranded.
Chipinda village head Green Komboni confirmed the horrific incident and said four households of eight houses were destroyed in his village.
“The incident happened last week, four households and eight houses then three gardens and two fowl runs were destroyed in my Village,” said Komboni
He went on to say the fire also destroyed four houses from one household in the neibouring Matsvare Village.
“The fire also spread to Matsvare area where one household of four houses were destroyed, Environmental Management Agency (EMA) is still investigating the cause of the fire. We thank God that we didn’t lose human lives or record any injury.
“Those willing to help can get in touch with the village head on this number 0713 891 125,” added the village head.
Local Councilor Dawn Svinurai Chivore said a number of families were left without shelter and food and were in dire need of help.
“The fire destroyed about five households destroying food and clothes as well as small livestock mainly chicken. So far victims are appealing for assistance in form of mainly food and clothes,” said Chivore.
He went on to say they were also in need of roofing material since the houses that were affected were mostly grass thatched.
“Some people are also appealing for roofing material. The houses that were destroyed were mainly grass thatched and it’s now difficult to get thatching grass since the grass was destroyed by fire.
“It’s also a challenge for cattle as the grazing lands were destroyed and cattle in the area will be forced to walk long distances to other villages for pastures,” said Chivore.
Veld fires pose a threat to livelihoods as they have adverse effects on human life as well as the environment. They also cause a significant loss in Flora and Fauna, which results in bio diversity loss and can drive certain vulnerable species that are battling for existence into extinction.

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