Saturday, September 30, 2023

Former mayor urges councilors to shun corruption, be non-partisan

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The outgoing mayor for Masvingo City Council Collen Maboke has urged newly sworn in councilors to work together and shun corruption as well as being non-partisan as that promotes good service delivery.
Speaking after the swearing in ceremony at Masvingo Civic Centre on September 9, 2023, the former ward 2 councilor Maboke said he was happy with how he worked with fellow councilors and management and urged the new councilors to leave politics behind when they commence work at council chambers.
“The word of advice I would give to new councilors is that they should act as representatives of people not politicians when they get into council chambers,” said Maboke.
Maboke said if the new councilors want to deliver services successfully, they must work together like how they were doing in their just ended term where they didn’t tolerate or ask which political party one was from and as a result they managed to be liable when it comes to service delivery.
“I urge you new councilors to work together like the way we were working in our term, because we didn’t mind about one’s political party,” said Maboke.
Maboke said new councilors must not be involved in corruption as it is a great setback to development and he said they have to be aware that some people go to them asking for favors from them prompting them to get involved in corruption.
“New councilors must be aware of people who come looking for favors, as that promotes corruption,” said Maboke.

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