Saturday, September 30, 2023

I will fight Chadzamira till end – Chief Charumbira

…lobbies his clansmen to start hunting for Chadzamira’s replacement

Beverly Bizeki

MASVINGO – Chief Fortune Charumbira is probably a bitter man who is fighting too many battles from the region where he is battling to be in-charge of the Pan African Parliament to local politics where he is fighting the incumbent legislator for Masvingo West Ezra Chadzamira.
Since his alleged sex scandal story early this year, Chief Charumbira has been facing challenges and his recent undiplomatic utterances against the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs for Masvingo Chadzamira is probably a sign that the ‘centre no longer holds’.
The embattled Pan African President who is being pushed out by one of his vice presidents on various allegations including corruption, publicly announced while addressing his subjects in Ward 12 that he will fight Chadzamira and see to it that he did not retain the Masvingo West Constituency seat come 2028.
Charumbira then immediately lobbied his clansmen to start hunting for someone who can replace Chadzamira.
“I know the issue about the MP (Chadzamira) that you are not happy about. He has too many issues which I’m sure you don’t know but I know them and I am going to expose him in the not so distant future. Of all the MPS who have been here like the late Mudhenge (Stan) and Mavhaire (Dzikamai), they never addressed meetings in my absence but this one (Chadzamira) did that and you never bothered to ask him why? You should have asked him why he was addressing his rallies in my absence,” said Charumbira.
“He (Chadzamira) fought me and I’m going to fight back – that’s who I am. I am a hard nut to crack; I want to finish him – let us plan and find someone among our people to replace Chadzamira.
“Don’t tell me that we cannot find one of our own here in Wards 12, 11 or 9. If you fail to get one then I will put an advert in the press saying we are looking for someone willing to become our MP because we do not have one,” Charumbira added.
He further claimed while addressing his subjects that he even told President Emmerson Mnangagwa about the rift between him and Chadzamira.
“Even the President knows this; I told him that I don’t get along with him (Chadzamira) because of the way he does his things,” Charumbira said.
There are allegations that Zanu PF lost Wards 11 and 12 because Charumbira campaigned against Chadzamira whom he publicly announced that he doesn’t like. However, during his address Charumbira shifted the blame to Chadzamira saying people voted for CCC because they did not want the MP. He said it was fine that villagers did not vote for Chadzamira but hastened to say they should have voted for the councilor.
“However you made a mistake for not voting for councilor Mapara, why didn’t you vote for him? He is a good person you were supposed to vote for him. The MP (Chadzamira) is solely responsible for our loss here,” said Charumbira.
He also took time explaining the fights at PAP as well as justifying his decision to becoming vice president of the chiefs’ council.
“In the national election, I declined the position of president because I am always busy due to my other work commitments. I seconded my vice to be president and I decided to settle for the position of deputy because I have other posts including parliament and PAP. The most important thing is I retained my seat in the chiefs’ council and in parliament,” said Charumbira.
Contacted for comment Chadzamira, who was reappointed Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, said election time was over and was happy with the people of Masvingo for voting peacefully.
He said he respects traditional leaders and it was their right to have different views but whats important was working together.
“I want to that the people of Masvingo for voting peacefully and now that election time is over, we have to work together for development and to achieve the President’s vision 2030.
“I respect traditional leaders very much and it is their right to have different opinions and views but what is important is for people to unite and work together. I encourage everyone to put hands on the deck to work for development whilst respecting traditional leaders and their views,” said Chadzamira.


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