Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Lockdown was rushed, says Kasukuwere


Exiled former Zanu PF
national political commissar, Savior Kasukuwere has attacked the national
lockdown measures signed into effect by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, saying the
process was rushed without cognisance of socio-economic realities in the country.
In an interview with
TellZim, Kasukuwere said the restrictions were a blind copy and paste act which
failed to factor in the country’s own unique economic circumstances.
“Zim is under 21
days of lockdown which is normal but if you look at countries that have
initiated lockdowns before us, they had proper plans on how their people will
make ends meet..
“Zimbabwe is run
by an informal economy. So many people are not formally-employed; meaning to
say if they stay at home, no money will come their way. What will happen to
those people under the lockdown? Surely they will starve. Mnangagwa should have
known this before locking the country down,” said Kasukuwere.
He said the lockdown
days will have a devastating impact on livelihoods like no other
government action before.
Government recently
announced that it will launch a mitigatory exercise to cushion a million
vulnerable families through a cash transfer programme but many people fear the
programme, like every other one in the past, will be politicised to sideline opposition
members and supporters, real or perceived.
“Mnangagwa knew
that coronavirus would eventually reach Zim but they chose to be spectators
instead of preparing to cushion the people. Every Zimbabwean is in need so I do
not know which criteria they are going to use in choosing and helping the
“Covid-19 is real
but our people are risking their lives by defying the lockdown because they do
not have food in their homes. They would rather take their chances with
coronavirus than watch their families starve.
“Zimbabweans do
not have savings, so where does Mnangagwa think that the people will find money
to buy food? Zimbabweans live one day at a time and the majority does not even
know what tomorrow will bring.
“In other
countries, people have a back-up from their savings accounts which are enough
to carry them through the lockdown periods,” said Kasukuwere.
Another exiled former
Zanu PF politician, Walter Mzembi, has suggested that government must send an
equivalent of US$5 directly to each citizen to help everybody cope with the
difficult lockdown period.

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