Saturday, September 18, 2021

Maintenance: Mwenezi teacher offers more than he earns

Cephas Shava

MWENEZI – Maphias Matare, a teacher at Chinyu Primary School, last week surprised many people in the public gallery of the Mwenezi Civil Court after he boldly offered to pay his ex-wife more in maintenance money than he earns per month.
Tsakani Mashimbwa, who accused his husband of failing to look after their daughter, dragged Matare to the court claiming a monthly maintenance of US$100.
Upon being asked by magistrate Honest Musiiwa what he could offer, Matare made commitments to pay US$50 although his current net income after all the deductions was only US$39.
After assuring the court that he will be able to pay the amount, magistrate Musiiwa ordered Matare to pay US$50 as per his request.local

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