Saturday, September 30, 2023

Man pens book on Zimbabwe’s Inequality injustice

Yeukai Munetsi

Gweru- Mufaro Jonasi (31) has penned his first book titled “The Days of My Father and The stolen DreamWorks Today” which he says was motivated by injustices and inequalities that exist in Zimbabwe.
In the book, the author takes readers through a political comparative analysis of how good governance and the rule of law has deteriorated since independence and how young people are struggling to survive.
In the book, Jonasi reveals interesting facts about why the income equality gap continues to widen.
“I have always hated injustices, this was driven mainly by the fact that i grew up in a poor community asking myself why some people live in deplorable conditions while some live in relative wealth,”
“I asked myself why the income inequality gap continues to widen, and this has led me to research and look for answers which I have written in this book,” said Jonasi.
He said the main idea behind the book was to influence youths in Zimbabwe to understand the power that they have in transforming the current socio-economic situation and give young people an insight into how civic education is an investment in their own future.
“The book aims to inspire young people in Zimbabwe to understand that they are catalysts that can drive a progressive transformation of socioeconomic conditions in the country, by participating in all spheres to influence Policy,” said Jonasi
He said the book is non-partisan and adds value to the true Zimbabwean dream where everyone is equal and enjoys their constitutional rights, however, he said it was unsafe to write a political book that critique the existing circumstances in Zimbabwe.
“It is very scary to publish a book like this, every normal person would be scared, but you realize that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. I write against injustice and I believe it is a moral obligation that every patriotic citizen has,” said Jonasi.

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