Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Masvingo born artist rides high on YouTube

TellZim reporter

Masvingo born artist Owen Zvevhu ‘Owizz’ is basking in glory on his  YouTube music channel following the  release of a single hit song called ‘Ishe Muneni’ which is a tribute to his mother.

Speaking to TellZim News Owizz said the song Ishe Muneni released on October 23, 2021 that literally translates to ‘God is with me’ is a tribute to his mother.

“Ishe Muneni is a tribute to my mother, Stella Zvevhu. It is meant to acknowledge her irreplaceable impact on my life and sympathize with the struggle she went through as a single mother particularly in a low income setting,” said Zvevhu.

He said his intention is to honour the struggles most African women go through and thus the struggle her mother endured in raising him.

“In my song I appreciated my mother’s love and the sacrifices that she made for me as he become older especially on the part of nurturing him to do the will of God.

“My mother never intended to abort me which is biblically wrong to do an abortion and my gratitude goes to the Most High God for protecting me while in my mother’s womb,” added Zvevhu.

The 28 year-old hip-hop singer-writer who is also a qualified primary school teacher says his music coincide with the demands of the profession as its messages teach the youths.

“For the youths and most of my followers, I want them to believe in themselves and that they are more talented than they think and possess capabilities beyond their imaginations. What they only need to do is keep the fighting spirit and persistence until they realise their goals,” Zvevhu said.

Zvevhu was born in Masvingo but eventually moved to Harare. He started music doing rap battles at high school, writing his own short verses and going speed rap covers. He personally wrote his first ever recorded song titled “Only One”.

Now with 100+ original songs, Owizz has given countless impressive performances during his stint in Masvingo before leaving for Harare where he is now staying.

Owizz said he want to provide his audiences with music that is relatable.

“My ambition is to provide my audiences with music that is relatable, no matter what trials and tribulations they may be facing,” he noted.

Hip-hop award winning producer Quazor produced Ishe Muneni video.

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