Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Masvingo city council tinyareiwo!

Mapombi is not a jealousy woman; I should have congratulated our President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for being successfully elected by the Constitutional Court to be at the helm of Zimbabwe for the next five years. Did I say elected by the ConCourt? No, I wanted to say declared winner; of course no one knows kuti ED won with how many votes. Maybe 50.8%, 50.67% or 50.6% Haaa the exact figure is not important chikuru kuhwina chete and a win is a win – whether with a narrow margin or a wider margin. Whether feya feya or kuhwinira kuCourt kupinda kupinda vakomana.
Congratulations to all Pfeeerorists but one thing Mapombi would like to tell you is tiri tese pakutambura, vazhinji muchakanga waya ini zvangu Mapombi of the unknown totem ndichikanga maputi asina nzungu pedu paDr Gire Market apa.
Zanu PF may control all the courts, army and even security guards in the country, and they can force things on the marginalized citizens but they cannot force the economy. Never!  They may shoot and kill civilians but not the economy. Power at the expense of the people hazvibatsire.
Mapombi is always a gentleman handivanzi ini; hapana akambohwina zvine musoro apa pakati paED naChamisa so tidzikamirei zvenyu mese muti tyooo and listen to the will of the people.
History has shown us that Zanu PF alone cannot improve the economy – and so is the MDC because vazhinji vacho vakaba zvaityisa during inclusive government. But at least MDC has a better system which promotes trade with the international community. What we need are investors in Zimbabwe, not a bunch of bootlicking war vets.
Anyway, Mapombi will wait to see the new cabinet; that will tell us whether the country will remain stagnant or will go forward. Ini zvangu kana mangoisa vana Mr Bin Chinamasa, Mr Ibu Matemadanda nana mukoma Chris ndobva ndaziva kuti hapana zviripo makumbo enyoka.
I cannot fathom a cabinet with such not so intelligent comrades, who forever think that anyone without faked war credentials cannot rule this country. Makanyeperewa varume.
I will not waste time talking about these war vets otherwise ndingatoita typhoid chaiyo. By the way mukati rwendo rwuno vanhu havafe netyphoid in Masvingo?
The city of Masvingo is struggling to retain water supply to normalcy. But there is one thing I don’t understand about the management – weren’t these pumps officially commissioned by ED some three years ago when he was still deputy president?
So in just three years two of the pumps are already broken and need so much time to repair. Did I hear a senior official saying one of the pumps needs close to three months to be repaired? What are we saying comrades? Were these pumps new or refurbished in the first place?
We used to have Rhodesian pumps but hatina kumboita crisis yakadai but with these Indian something something pumps, the whole city is at risk of typhoid and cholera.
Of course I’m not an expert in this area but, honestly, to wait for three months takangomirira pump idzoke from repair hamuonewo kuti kwava kujairira guta? City Council tinyareiwo!
Some of us we drink direct from Mucheke River but the management must spare a thought for those who pay their water bills religiously. Apa mugoona vanhu vecouncil vanovhara mvura sei and their estimated bills unotoshaya kuti kune akatoitawo Maths here ikoko kuCivic Centre uku. Tikwanirei imi hamunyare makaita seiko?
After all, that bowser can always bring the management water at their houses so havatombozive kuti mvura iri kunetsa iyi. The argument is always , ‘so what do you expect us to do if the pumps broke down and are being repaired’. Vanenge vatopedza newe ukanzwa vadaro.
There is a lot you can do comrades – buy original pumps kwete kuda zvaka cheaper or refurbished machines.
Anyway, Mapombi prays that no one will die of typhoid in Masvingo. No one should die of cholera. And to the residents, let us use the little water we have sparingly, otherwise tisu tinofa ivo havafe because vanounzirwa mvura kudzimba dzavo. Yes, they instruct and it will be done immediately. Kungofona kuti bowser ngariuye rotoenda asi kwenyu uko munonzi kabucket per family wotoshaya kuti zvofamba sei.
I heard public transport these days haisi kunakidza because vanhu havasi kugeza mudzimba umu nekushaya mvura.
Anyway, it’s lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch while waiting for ED to announce his cabinet. We are patiently waiting to hear if he retains people like Mpofu nanaChinamasa kkkkkkkk zvimwe muchiti munotamba varume.
Zimbabwe needs fresh ideas, young blood, more energetic ministers not avo vadurungunda neCorruption. Vana Gumbo ngavambozorora avo. I hope ED will get that one right otherwise there is no difference between him and Mugabe; probably the only difference there might be age chete chete. We want fresh blood Mr President.
By the way I heard Mphoko’s son defrauded Choppies a few thousand dollars – hanzi about 50 grant? Mapombi knows very well that umdala Mphoko has nothing to do with this one – his hands are clean. There is no way Mphoko can be involved because 50 000 is not a lot of money especially considering the value of chicks and incubators he used to donate during his time as VP. Ko mabenefits avo vakazopiwa here negovernment? And how is Gogo Mphoko coping up these days? She was the one ka wekuramba imba iya akagara muhotel for months kkkkkkkkkk but life so ka, mahwani. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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