Thursday, November 30, 2023

Masvingo City renovates Mucheke flats

Staff Reporter

There is joy amongst residents of Mucheke flats in ward 1 as Masvingo City Council working with its partners managed to renovate the flats’ ablution facilities to allow each household to have its own toilet.
All along more than 10 families were sharing the same toilet, a development which made it difficult for residents to keep the facilities clean.
Passersby could also walk in and mess the toilet since there was no one to monitor who enters it.
However, the partnership between council and Dialogue on Shelter for the Homeless in Zimbabwe Trust has seen each household getting own toilet located on the main entrance and that makes it easier to monitor who enters.
Ward 1 councilor Alderman Selina Maridza said she was happy that people in the flats finally had decent facilities as the previous situation was dire.
“We thank council and its partners for stepping in at the flats. The situation was so bad and exposed residents to diseases but now what is left is just to extend the flats so that families live decently,” said Alderman Maridza.
One resident Innocent Jaravaza said the area was now habitable since sanity had been restored and called for the local authority to channel more resources towards extending the houses.
“We are now living peacefully because each family now has its own toilet. More than 10 families used to share the same toilets and those who passed by would help themselves here also leaving the toilets dirty,” said Jaravaza.
Another resident Shylet Wadhonza said they were now comfortable telling others that they live in town as the situation before was worse than in any rural area.
“We are happy and can safely say we are in town. We had a tough situation here but a few improvements will make this area perfect,” said Wadhonza.

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