Thursday, November 30, 2023

Minister Mhona is very crazy

Mapombi has mixed feelings about our police – I don’t know whether to praise or condemn them. When it comes to apprehending criminals the police is doing great work. I am convinced that our police officers are indeed competent. However, their biggest undoing kushandiswa neZanu PF to arrest and detain opposition party members. Many opposition party CCC members are in police custody for no apparent reason. Recently MP Amos Chibaya and 26 others were arrested in Harare for having a private meeting but Zanu is having meetings madiro aGeorgina. Haaa musadaro imi.
We have heard so many reports of political violence allegedly perpetrated by Zanu PF but no arrests at all. This is very dangerous because no sensible person let alone law enforcement agent should condone violence. But we are seeing rogue Zanu militias moving around boasting of perpetrating political violence and the police is doing nothing about it. Political violence must be condemned by all possible strongest terms and the ruling party and the police must take a leading role. Having peaceful elections is very possible if the police and Zanu take full responsibility.
Anyway, is there anyone with more details about this Minister of transport Felix Mhona? Ndibatsireiwo veduwe ndodawo kutoziva kuti dzakatonyatsoti kwesere here? Mapombi really doubts if this guy uses his brain all the time. We were all touched by the accident that occurred in Mutoko involving Rimbi Tours and Zebra Kiss buses. The drivers were dicing with the passengers’ lives as they were racing, like in a movie style, blocking each other from overtaking until the Rimbi bus rammed into a truck killing the conductor on the spot. We have seen the videos and how bad the whole incident was and the drivers really deserve a heavy punishment.
However, Mapombi does not agree with the emotional decision that was taken by Minister Mhona to suspend the operating licences of the two bus companies, Rimbi and Zebra Kiss. Firstly, let us agree that the Mutoko incident was nasty and the drivers involved should be punished. Secondly, let us again agree that suspending operating licences based on one bad incident is not the best option especially when that decision is done by a political and government leader. Minister Mhona was not supposed to suspend the licenses of Rimbi and Zebra Kiss. Instead the courts must deal with these rogue drivers and set a precedent by punishing them heavily. Two wrongs never make a right. By cancelling the licenses, Minister Mhona has affected hundreds of families whose fathers were drivers, conductors, inspectors, mechanics and managers at these two bus companies because they are all going to lose their employment. So the question is; is it really necessary to make hundreds of families suffer because you want to punish two rogue drivers who can be dealt with as individuals?
Is the hurried decision to suspend the licenses politically motivated or Mhona used the opportunity to fight personal interests? Or is he trying to make a populist decision? Mapombi would like to urge leaders to widely consult before they rush to make such bad decisions. We have seen other buses being involved in many accidents killing dozens of people but their licences were never suspended. And we have heard so many reports about such accidents having caused by human error but still their licenses were never revoked. Why then suddenly suspending Rimbi and Zebra Kiss basing on one incident which the perpetrators can be punished individually? Mhona must explain this because Mapombi belives there is more to it that what meets the eye. Pane nyaya apa and zvimwe zvacho unotoona kuti zvava kutoenda kunyaya dze Corruption izvi. Chokwadi nekuoma kwakaita nyika ikoku wotomuka wakadzingisa vanhu mabasa nekuti watsamwira mapenzi maviri? Bva zvingadaro muno tisisina government chaiyo if decisions were made based on incompetence dzevanhu. By this foolish decision to suspend licences zvingadaro Mhona atodzingisa mamwe maMinisters ese kkkkkkkkk. People like Mhona should not be entrusted with powerful positions because they are likely to abuse power or they are not so educated that they decisions they make will have serious consequences. Mapombi is very clear – the drivers involved in the Mutoko accident must be punished but the bus companies’ operating licences should never be cancelled. We should spare a thought for the other workers employed by these two companies and the families they look after.
Anyway guys, it’s almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch ndizvidyire ndigonwira zvangu mvura. But before I go, let me reiterate nyaya yepolitical violence kuti Mr President dai maita serious nenyaya iyi. ED should summon the police bosses to State House and instruct them to arrest all perpetrators of political violence. Izvo zvekungotaura pama rally izvo kuti we condemn violence we know kuti it’s not enough because many people especially from the police would think they are just political statements. But if ED makes a deliberate effort to address the police bosses at State House then they will take the matter seriously and arrest all perpetrators regardless of their political affiliations not izvi zvekuita Chikurubi senge muzinda mukuru weCCC.
Mugabe took responsibility in 2013 and we had very peaceful elections. Of course there were reports of intimidations but there was no political violence. Therefore, ED must take full responsibility and stop political violence. We all know kuti muromo umwe chete kana akangoti bufu chete zvese zvinomuka zvapera izvi zvepolitical violence kana achida hake. Mapombi do not blame the Zanu PF militias beating up opposition supporters in Murehwa and elsewhere but blames the leadership for not taking action against political violence. Zvasiyanei nababa vanongoti kumwana usaba asi mangwana vogamushira zvinhu zvabva kundobiwa nemwana? ED should take full responsibility. It’s a matter of just a single serious address or just a memo to ZRP boss Matanga instructing him to deal with all perpetrators of political violence without fear or favour. Nyika yotomuka yakazara runyararo.
I think I have talked too much today let me eat my rotten bananas and maputi angu. But those with access to Mhona please tell him kuti hanzi naMapombi wakabhaiza big time and he has to correct that immediately. And lastly, ndiudzireiwo Shumba Murambwi kuti vaite serious nenyaya yePolitical violence iyi; we all look up to him. We are one people, one nation. Let love lead!

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