Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Masvingo Residents Trust urges council to shift dumping site

By Shingirirai Chinondo

Masvingo Residents Trust (MRT) has urged Masvingo city council to shift the Runyararo West dumping site which has become a health hazard to people living in the area.
The dumping site was established sometime ago before the residential area expanded to the area.
MRT chairperson Prosper Tiringindi said it was high time for the city council value the health of the residents.
“People are sitting on a health time bomb.  The dumping site is now very close to the people thus why you see a swam of flies everywhere in Runyararo West suburb,” said Tiringindi.
The dumping area is about 100 meters away from the residential area.

Tiringindi said he was very angry because the council was ignoring a very critical feature. He also said the dumping site was also a threat to the environment.
“The council is burning radios and TVs at the dumping area which emit dangerous gases which are hazardous to our environment,” added Tiringindi.
Meanwhile, MRT is working on creating another organisation the Masvingo Recycling centre which will take care of all the dumped rubbish.
“Next year we will establish an organisation called Masvingo Recycling Centre… this organisation will provide empty bins for societies as well as collecting or empting the bins and above all the organisation will create job vacancies for about 80 people from the squatters since we saw that those people are well experienced in recycling  rubbish,” said Tiringindi.Local
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