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Matapura-Muzenda wins prestigious PR award

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Veteran public relations practitioner Farisai Matapura Muzenda recently walked tall after winning a prestigious award at the Meikles Hotel in Harare.
Matapura-Muzenda, who has a public relations career spanning 13 years, having worked for notable organizations and institutions like Intermarket, Musasa Project, Econet and Great Zimbabwe University was recognized among other big names in the public relations field.
The event was dubbed ‘Women in PR and Communication Conference Awards’ and was organized by the Women in PR and Communications Zimbabwe (WPRCZ) on June 24 2022, with Deputy Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Kindness Paradza being the guest of honour.
Speaking after receiving the award, Matapura-Muzenda who is now the communications manager for Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) said she was elated for having been recognized under such a prestigious banner, adding that being recognized among the 39 who were conferred with awards out of over 100 other practitioners made her feel proud of how far she has come.
“For myself looking into the future, I look forward to making an impact. There is an article that I wrote where I am looking at image, reputation, visibility and how our external viewers see us.
“When I look at public relations I don’t look at it from an organization point of view. I look at it from an individual point of view, like how do you interact with people, what are you saying about yourself? What are you saying about the organization you are serving? How are you representing your organization?” Matapura-Muzenda said.
She said what makes any organization stand is its publics as they should be properly taken care of without treating them in a bad way.
Apart from PR work, Matapura-Muzenda is also an entrepreneur who owns two home interior decoration shops in Masvingo and Gweru.
She attributes the success of her entrepreneurial work to her PR and communication skills, saying she is planning to grow her business in leaps and bounces.

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