Thursday, December 2, 2021
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MDC Alliance polling agents sleep in bush

…as attempts to force them to sign new V11 forms escalate

Upenyu Chaota

MASVINGO – The war for V11 forms is raging in the province with some MDC Alliance polling agents in the recent elections said to be deserting their homes and seeking refuge in the mountains to escape suspected Zanu PF agents that are going around forcing them to sign doctored V11 forms.
The figures on the new V11 forms have reportedly been designed in such a way that they tally with the election results announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec).
MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa lost the election to Zanu PF’s Emmerson Mnangagwa but has challenged the outcome, alleging that Zec announced fake results to benefit Mnangagwa.
Chamisa has since launched a court challenge after gathering V11 forms reportedly from all polling stations across the country which supposedly prove that Zanu PF and Zec rigged the elections.
MDC Alliance Masvingo provincial chairperson James Gumbi said their polling agents across the province were being hunted and being forced to sign new V11 forms.
“It is not well at all in the province. Our polling agents are being harassed by Zanu PF militias that are going to their homes. They want our people to sign V11 forms that have doctored figures so that they will get away with rigging. We will not let that happen; our people are no longer sleeping at home.
“Zanu PF fears being humiliated at the courts hence their desperation to look for our agents and force them to append their signatures onto fake results. Our people are now sleeping in the mountains,” said Gumbi.
He said Chamisa defeated President Mnangagwa by a wide margin in Masvingo province and Zec was finding it difficult to account for the figures they announced.
“In Chivi, we filed some police cases but nothing has been done as of yet. In Zaka, our people are sleeping in mountains because they fear for their lives.
“Zec and Zanu PF have stolen the elections but their fake numbers cannot tally. When they realised that president Chamisa indeed had the V11 forms, they panicked and are now hunting down our people. We have the real forms and they will be presented before the courts.
“There was serious rigging in Gutu where president Chamisa comes from and they will not get away with it,” said Gumbi.
Zanu PF national secretary for legal affairs, Paul Mangwana, however, dismissed the allegations, saying every person was entitled to their own ‘wild hallucinations’ but the problem came when they started believing them. 
“That is complete nonsense. They are dreaming. Kutonga hakubvi mukurota. V11 forms were signed by all polling agents and we have no reason to go after their polling agents.
“Instead, they want to manufacture their own V11 forms because we won an elections and we are not challenging the results. Hatineyi nema V11 forms isu. They were signed and we have no use for them,” said news

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  1. It's true Zanu PF won the parliamentary majority through FRAUD. Now they want to legitimise their FRAUD which was unearthed in the presidential votes. Now harassing and killing it's own people for the sake of power


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