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‘Mentally-challenged’ Gutu man arrested for murder

Precila Takabvirakare

12 Jan 2018 – GUTU – Kennedy Mugodhi, who resides in Mugodhi village under Chief Chimombe, was arrested by the police on the January 04 for allegedly killing Energy Mawoyo after a disagreement.
Mugodhi (28) appeared before magistrate Edwin Marecha being charged with the crime of murder as defined in Section 47 (1) of the Criminal Law Codification Act Chapter 9:23.
The magistrate ordered that he be send for mental examination before he could apply for bail at the High Court.
The State’s case, as presented by Samuel Magobeya, is that on the day in question, the accused went to Mawoyo’s place in Tirarami village, Chief Chimombe.
He found the now deceased and his wife in their bedroom and asked him to come out so that they could go to the police station to finalise some issues but Mawoyo refused.
An angry Mugodhi then entered the house and attacked Mawoyo several times with open hands on the face. He then dragged him outside the house where he laid him onto the ground before taking an axe handle from the nearby foul run which he used to hit the victim all over the body, breaking the weapon to pieces in the process.
He also took a stone and struck the now deceased on the back of his head. As a result of the assault, Mawoyo sustained deep cut on the back of the head, another one on the right side of his chin as well as a deformed face.
A post-mortem was done on the corpse and it was ascertained that the death was as a result of the assault.local

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