Friday, September 17, 2021

Mining explosives plant re-opens in Kwekwe

Jairos Mushirivindi

Itai Muzondo in Gweru

24 March 2017, GWERU – Zimbabwe’s sole mining explosives manufacturing plant has been re-opened in Kwekwe and is now fully operational, TellZim News has learnt.
Formerly known as Dyno Nobel Zimbabwe, the explosive plant is now run by GML Explosives. In an interview with TellZim News, GML Explosives general manager; Jairos Mushirivindi said the plant has been battling to get back on track since 2007.
“GML Explosives took over operations in 2007 but we have been struggling to get onto our feet. We have been operating on a small scale but we have since opened the Shamwari plant which has the capacity to supply large quantities and I’m glad that some big mining companies are already buying explosives from us,” said Mushirivindi.
“Many people had lost jobs when the plant closed down but as of now, I assure you that the plant has 100 percent regained its employing power. Through ZimStats, we also realised that the nation was losing up to US$700 000 per month through the importation of explosives. Now that we supply the explosives, the costs have been reduced to plus or minus US$200 000,” he said.
Mushirivindi said they have credit facilities for companies and that they deliver the products within 24 hours within the borders of

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