Thursday, September 23, 2021
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‘Mugabe cannot cure old age’

President Robert Mugabe

Upenyu Chaota

Opposition parties are viewing President Robert Mugabe’s latest impromptu visit to Singapore for medical check-ups as a sign that the nonagenarian can no longer cope and should instead step down and pave way for new and energetic blood to take over.
They claim Mugabe’s old age is costing the country heavily since his frequent visits to Singapore are draining the already dry state coffers because he spends millions of US dollars on every trip, and all that money is taken from a country where people are sleeping in bank queues.
The Morgan Tsvangirai-led Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) said Mugabe was facing a lot of health-related challenges owing to his continuous clinging to the most demanding job in the country.
“We have always said Mugabe must rest because at 93 – soon to be 94 – he cannot keep up with the demands of the highest office in the land. Zimbabwe needs someone who is young and energetic, not what Zanu PF is doing to the old man.
“Mugabe’s trips to Singapore to seek treatment for his age-related health problems are costing the nation millions of dollars. Singapore is one of the most expensive destinations in the world but Mugabe spends the tax payers’ money without any shame,” said MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu.
He said old age has no cure and Mugabe should realise that and do himself and the nation a favour by retiring now.
“Mugabe is not doing anyone a favour at this moment. He is doing the nation a major disservice. He has become a major national liability and we say he should call it a day. His minions are looting with a passion and he has no control over them that is why they want him to die in office.
“He is spending more time out of the country than in and this is a national security threat because we cannot have a commander-in-chief who is always absent. At his age, Mugabe always snaps when he is exposed to the pressure of running the country and that is why he jets out frequently,” said Gutu.
Joice Mujuru’s National People’s Party (NPP) national executive member Jeffryson Chitando attributed the economic hardships being encountered in the country as punishment for the abuse of President Mugabe.
“Mugabe is not ill at all, those are simply the vagaries is old age. You can’t treat old age. Zimbabweans are only abusing the old man instead of giving him a good rest. He is being forced to wake up early and go to work, that is cruelty at its best.
“I don’t think Zimbabweans deserve any mercy. The hardships that the nation is going through is punishment enough for the abuse of the old man,” said Chitando.
Zanu PF youth boss Kudzanai Chipanga, who has renamed Mugabe to Angel Gabriel, is on record saying Mugabe will die in office and if he were to retire, he would go to the Constitutional Court to challenge the retirement because he (Mugabe) would have infringed on their rights.politics

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