Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Mwenezi Sub Catchment Council donates 150 bags of Cement for dam rehabilitation

Cephas Shava

Mwenezi Sub Catchment Council (MSCC) has stretched its helping hand by donating 150 bags of cement towards the rehabilitation of Zvomupungu Dam, a local water reservoir, swept away more than a decade ago at the height of the 2004’s cyclone Eline.

Addressing the district’s heads of departments at a handover occasion graced by the District Development Coordinator (DDC) Rosemary Chingwe on Tuesday, November 2, at the MSCC’s Rutenga offices, the Sub Catchment Council vice chairperson, Boniface Someka said they managed to purchase 150 bags of cement after receiving a request from the community of Zvomupungu area of Mwenezi West’s ward 14.

“We were approached by the Zvomupungu community requesting for assistance with regards to their dam that was destroyed some years back. As Mwenezi Sub Catchment council, we have so far managed to gather 150 bags of cement which will go towards the rehabilitation of the dam,” said Someka.

DDC Chingwe who expressed gratitude over the Sub Catchment Council’s gesture said the rehabilitation of Zvomupungu dam would go a long way in helping the local communities that had been in a fix for too long.

“The community of Zvomupungu’s livestock has on several occasions been hit by motor vehicles while crossing the highway looking for sewage waters here in Rutenga. Also, before the sweeping away of the dam, the community used to do productive gardening and other initiatives but this had been put to halt. It is our hope that as soon as the dam is rehabilitated, the community’s livelihood is definitely going to expeditiously change for the better, “said Chingwe.

One of the beneficiaries, also secretary for Zvomupungu dam, Sekayi Masare told TellZim News that villagers are more than ready to play a leading role in the dam’s rehabilitation process  as the water body  has been the only key water source for the two local schools and several surrounding  villages.

“The community has already gathered 12 bags of cement, sand and stones which will be used during the rehabilitation. We are more than ready to see the success of the project as the dam is the only water body which, before being swept away years back, was used by several villagers and the local schools for gardening and drinking by their livestocks,” said Masare.

In an interview, area councillor Admire Matutu confirmed that Zvomupungu dam, besides directly benefiting 11 villages; there are 10 other villages that indirectly benefit from the dam.

722 bags of cement are needed to ensure the complete rehabilitation of the dam.

A consensus was reached for the community to kick start the project with the available donated cement, such that those who will be able to later on chip in with more assistance will find them progressing.

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