Monday, March 27, 2023

NAYO lobby for youth participation in development and policy frameworks

Branton Matondo

National Youth Organization (NAYO) held a two day workshop and training programme meant to heighten statutes of the national youth policy and discussions on how best youth can be part and parcel of national mantras like National Development Strategy (NDS1).
The workshop was conducted at Mutare Diocese Training Centre on February 13 and 14 by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Trusts and Youth organisations across Manicaland.
The workshop was pinned on four Policy Frameworks on Youth modules which included National Development Strategy 1(NDS1) and Servant Leadership.
NAYO Director and Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) board member Misheck Gondo said that it’s important for youth to participate in development in line with constitutionalism.
“In as much as youth should participate in development, they should also know the constitution. It’s a milestone to have youth representation and participation in Parliament. These are some of the leadership positions that bring about positive development,” said Gondo.
Deliberations on the amended National Youth Policy graced the discussions.
The workshop which was graced by over 15 organisations also raised issues on youth, crime, sexual harassment, drug abuse and those in diaspora.
Participants received certificates after the event.
Centre for Environment Protection Poverty Alleviation and Development Trust (CEPPAD) Executive Director Trymore Muzengairi who was also part of the two day workshop told TellZim News that the national youth policy has gaps and lacks complete inclusivity.
“The Youth Policy has some loop holes pertaining to the distribution of power and resources to the Zimbabwean youth thus we advocate for decentralization of power and resources as well as their inclusion at all levels of governance. Youths living with disabilities are mostly affected. Furthermore the issue pertaining to the creation of an enabling environment for youth to participate in development is affected. There is lack of inclusion in development initiatives, planning, budgeting and consultancy yet our youth constitute the greater part of our population. Where possible, our youth need to be equipped with free skills training courses so that they can get/create employment easily,” said Muzengairi.
He applauded NAYO for the workshop citing that they equip youth with necessary skills.
“Workshops for youth act as reminders that they are an integral component of the community. Such workshops act as an eye opener zooming where youth are being left behind.
“Also, these workshops equip the youth with relevant information enabling them to become ambassadors or leaders within their communities. In the same line of thought, such workshops motivate youth to take initiatives and participate in the development of the nation and identification of gaps within the Youth National Policy. Such gatherings amplify the voice of the youth to be heard. Lobbying, advocacy for policy changes and amendments also emanate from youth workshops,” he added.
Youth Care Zimbabwe representative Lancelot Mawasa said that there is need to review again and update the national youth policy.
Freedom to the Disabled Persons in Zimbabwe (FDPZ) representative Panganai Chitiyo said that people with disabilities have not been recognized to expectations.
“We thank NAYO for the workshop but we also lobby for organizations and such policies to always recognize sign language. This year we are pushing for advocacy. As FDPZ, we are encouraging PWDs to advocate for their rights,” said Chitiyo.

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