Thursday, June 1, 2023

Ndau Community radio hits the ground running

Thabiso Nxumalo

Ndau Community radio Trust together with Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) CEO Engineer Matthias Chakanyuka and a team of engineers on September 23 and 24 conducted a broadcasting workshop as they geared up to penetrate the air-waves.
The two-day workshop held at Checheche growth point graced by full force of BAZ engineers and Ndau community radio chairperson Donald Kumbana, staff and various stakeholders focused on the training and official hand over of studio equipment to the newly licensed radio station.
Radio station chairperson Kumbana thanked Ministry of Information, Media and Publicity that gave the minority Ndau community voice to participate on a global platform and they are forever grateful to BAZ who donated broadcasting equipment and skills.
He said they currently do not have network and as a result resort to use of MOVITEL, a Mozambican network service provider hence having an operational radio means they will first get a transmission base which will rid them of network nightmares.
Their project is community funded and rely on residents for voluntary labour hence he said the only challenge they currently have is financial constraints to finish studio building.
“I just wish everyone could experience the joy we have in this part of the country. We have been neglected for so long but finally the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services has remembered us.
“We are excited and happy for the brand-new equipment handed over to us by BAZ; we will take good care of it and fully utilize using the skills they have imparted to our staff. The only challenge we face at the moment is funding for our building which is approaching knee-level and as such we are appealing to sponsors and well-wishers either in cash or kind to finish this historic journey,” said Kumbana.
BAZ CEO Engineer Matthias Chakanyuka confirmed the equipment handover and workshops saying he wishes they would go a long way in the radio’s broadcasting journey.
He also said BAZ’s aid was in form of equipment presented but also financially struggling newly setup radio stations can approach government for aid and further advised that government is working hand-in-hand with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in availing help to media organizations.
“I have faith that this equipment will be the building block on Ndau radio’s journey but we are well aware that there is a lot to be done that needs cash hence in that case they can approach government as it has partnered UNESCO to attend to such cases,” said Chakanyuka.
Well-wishers can assist through these channels: NAME OF ACCOUNT: NDAU COMMUNITY RADIO TRUST. BANK: CBZ Checheche Branch. Account Number and type Nostro (FOREX and USD): 10925716190024 or contact 0773 270 731

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