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New curriculum will provide economically compatible pupils—Prof Mavhima

​Profs Mavima and Zvobgo with Masvingo PED Zedius Chitiga after the delivery of the lecture at Robert Mugabe School of Education

Clever Taperamoyo

MASVINGO – Primary and Secondary Education minister, Professor Paul Mavhima, recently unpacked the new education curriculum to the professors, deans and students on a public lecture held at Great Zimbabwe University’s Robert Mugabe School of Education.
Prof Mavhima said the ministry saw it prudent to replace the previous curriculum that existed for over 75 years with a new one which is more practical and able to produce economically compatible students.
“The previous curriculum existed for almost 75 years and was more theoretical and not compatible with the quickly changing world. The technological advancements have necessitated the changes in the curriculum so that we create pupils who will adapt with the 21st Century.
“We need to equip our pupils with proper and relevant education from primary to tertiary education,” said Prof Mavhima.
He said countries like South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius and Austria developed from the background of proffering proper educational system with coherent underlying value systems that answer to the needs of the country.
“Studies have shown us that an education system without coherent underlying value system would not contribute to national expectations,” said Prof Mavhima.
Mavhima admitted that the ministry still encounter a myriad of challenges towards effective implementation of the new curriculum but are working to overcome.
“Information Communication Technologies (ICT), Wi-Fi connectivity, classrooms and electricity might be the biggest challenge particularly in rural areas but we have to embrace and find a way forward.
“As the ministry we are planning to computerise all the schools in 3 to 5 years to come,” said Prof Mavhima.
Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) Vice Chancellor Professor Rungano Zvobgo said the lecture was important to the university since they are the major stakeholders in the education system of the

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